Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Old September 24th, 2011 (11:02 AM).
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Originally Posted by Teh Blazer View Post
Wow, those look awesome (or as you said in your sig, amasing)

Yeah, I'm gonna ditch Fakemon. I'm probably gonna try out Jambo's Pokedex Patch (if he decides to release it) so all of the Pokemon will be there. If not, then I guess I try and think of something else.
I know how amasing I am. Please, tell me again. lol

Wouldn't you have to start the hack over again if you were to use a patch?

I've had a few requests to make this hack an actual thing now. So I'm re-inserting the tileset into an earlier, non-corrupted file.

Let me know if you want the beta 0.5.