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Originally Posted by Mizan de la Plume Kuro View Post
Oh wow, I knew that ending seemed so familiar... I haven't seen Star Wars in a few years now, so... heh.

Anyway, if you, like me, frequently visit My Little / then you'd have seen this. If not, here.


These are amazing. <3
If anyone happens to know the artist, tell me.
Ahh... the Discord one you found there. The artist you are looking for is CrappyUnicorn.

Here's two other works of his.

My Night Will Last Forever:

This is sad.
Originally Posted by CrappyUnicorn
Please breathe!
...Take my last breath
I held it for you!

There you go...
Good girl.
please no...
It can't already be gone!
That air was supposed to last for-
Send some air!
Can't you see she's suffocating?!

Stay with mama.
Stay with mama.
Stay with-


...You were to be my dawn..."

Luna/Nightmare Moon (unbeknownst to Celestia) was with foal when she was banished, and she is forced to give birth in her lunar exile. She attempted to save her last breath of air from Equestria for her foal, but it failed to sustain the infant... and so she died after the air left her--leaving behind her anguished, exiled, mother. Paternity is irrelevant--the foal's colors are simply the colors of dawn. Besides, I would think that immortal alicorns reproduce differently anyways... cosmic dust or special magic or something. Armor intentionally left off. You try giving birth with armor on.

When I read that bio, I actually started to tear and cry a bit... I can see why Luna's rage was so out-of-control. (Image your child dying in your arms/hoofs and you know you can't save them...

The second one is called... "Sisters".

This work is just beautiful in every right.