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Milk Face (Milk Drink + Scary Face)
Makes the foe flee.
Nasty Kiss (Nasty Plot + Lovely Kiss)
Poisons the foe and changes its ability to Oblivious.
Razor Gift (Razor Leaf + Natural Gift)
Waits a random number of turns until the gift cuts the foe resulting in OHKO.
Egg Tornado (Leaf Tornado + Egg Bomb)
Hurls a vortex of eggs at the foe. 50% chance of confusion, 100 power.
Doom You (Doom Desire + After You)
OHKO's the foe after 3 turns.
Gunk Drink (Gunk Shot + Milk Drink)
Makes the user poisoned, but the damage from it is 50% lower than normal poison.
Me Scent (Me First + Sweet Scent)
Lowers both the user and enemy's accuracy.
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