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Originally Posted by Hiiro View Post
FireRed and LeafGreen left a lot of mixed reviews from players. For those who cherished the original Red, Blue, and Green probably felt that playing through FRLG was like reliving their golden days when they first got into the gaming franchise, but this time with a whole better visualization. At the same time, there were those who were fans of the original games, but thought FRLG was too much like the original versions and believed the newly released remakes weren't satisfactory to say the least.

How did you feel when you first played through FRLG compared to playing RBGY? Did you feel more should have been done with it? If not, were you fully satisfied with FRLG as a remake? If you could change one thing with the game, what would that be?
Lol, dude, it was red blue and yellow. There was never a pokemon green version XD.
But leaf green posed as one of my favorites in the series. With the wide variety of good pokemon, plenty of legendaries, and a storyline long enough tho last for a good while. So i think everything about LG/FR is beast.

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