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This episode was pretty good IMO. Although it wasn't my favourite. Roggenrola's voice is quite annoying. \; He sounds like Tommy from the Kangaskhan episode. ;-; I was disappointed that Tepig was the only Pokemon used throughout the episode. Ash does have other Pokemon. Oshawott doesn't really count since it only used two moves, and they both failed. I would of liked to of seen Tranquil or Swadloon battle TR and Roggenrola at the end. I would say I'm looking forward to seeing Roggenrola in the future, buuuut, he rarely gets used, so.

Good Points.
- Ash wears High-tops. ;o;
- That plumber was hot
- Roggenrola is cute
- Flash Cannon looks amazing
- Roggenrola has excellence defensive methods against Oshawott. Dish defense! B)

Bad Points
- Tepig spam
- Roggenrola voice
- Team Rocket are boring I prefer them when they were funny
- LRN NEW MOVES. Directed at Yamask and Woobat. ;-;

Next weeks episode looks boring. (Audino makes me cringe)
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