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(It's unknown gendered. oxo Also, Mick Fizz asked me to bunny his character.)

Mesprit simply didn't respond. She hadn't specifically taught Valorie to fly, yet Adriane had answered the question better than she would've. Mesprit simply glanced in Valorie's direction. Somehow she questioned how well flying on her own would go over with the girl wearing the mini-skirt. Regardless, they'd simply been in a rush to get here so far.

Meanwhile, Valorie didn't really like being commanded, as her pride prevented that. Yet, she was already following Adriane and Suicune, so she assumed that Adriane must not have been talking to her. She looked back to find a boy riding a Latios coming towards them. She did a brief double take. Where had he come from? Perhaps she had just missed him the first time around. She passed the thought off, as it wasn't important. What was important, or at least somewhat relevant to the situation at hand, was the fact that there might be more people she weren't aware of.

"How many are there left..?"

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~