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    This is what I have so far. Done! Don't hesitate to tell me if there's anything I need to change.

    Name: Jamal Kifius (Human)
    Age: 39 years
    Gender: Male


    Jamal would tower over many other humans, standing at close to six-and-a-half feet(nearly two meters). His torso and shoulders are a little broader than average, and his arms are longer than average, which helps in the area of wielding a longbow. Jamal is of a wiry build, with strong muscles in the arms, legs, and torso. His hands have become rough and somewhat callous in the years of being a soldier.

    Jamal's raven-black hair is often cut short so it can comfortably fit inside a helmet; the hair on his arms is just as dark. His face is kept free of facial hair when possible, mainly because Jamal doesn't want to keep a beard or mustache. His eyes, blue as the sea and unimpaired, are often bright and can hold a steady gaze. Jamal's face is sharply featured, with a disfiguring scar running from the area beside his right eye to the left side of his chin and crossing the mouth.

    Jamal's preferred outer garments consist of a deep-blue-dyed tunic and black trousers, all made of wool, with a black leather belt about the waist. For footwear, he owns a pair of brown leather boots. For the upcoming journey, Jamal opted to wear a shirt of chainmail and a gambeson beneath his tunic, with some additional armor set aside for a time of need. For travel, Jamal wears a cloak, preferably black, to protect against the elements. If he's not in uniform, Jamal wears a pair of brown leather gauntlets.

    Weapon of Choice: Jamal can use almost any weapon he may be presented with. However, his main proficiency is in longswords, with a secondary proficiency in bows. His longsword of choice is the one that he received from his post-military teacher, a Master of Weapons. Jamal also carries a longbow, made of yew, and a composite recurve bow. He possesses almost no other weapon.


    When it comes to anything outside of combat and warfare, Jamal had been taught to be honorable in his dealings with others. He is not the type to break any promise or deal he makes with another creature. If Jamal states that he will do something, then he will do it, however long it takes. However, he believes that if two men make a deal, then one man breaks his end of that deal, then the other man no longer has the obligation to fulfill the other end of it. In a war, though, Jamal will do what is needed of him.

    Jamal has learned that a free tongue can, under certain circumstances, bring trouble. Consequently, he's become silent for those times when he feels he does not need to speak. Another part of this aspect is that Jamal will not lightly reveal anything he knows. He is often thought to be unapproachable in conversation.

    Jamal does not have much patience for anything he considers to be nonsense. In his opinion, nonsense wastes time and disrupts focus. If he has a plan or some other routine set out, then something unexpected happens to disrupt it (like nonsense)'s another time when Jamal won't have much patience. He's generally fine with anything that is likely to happen (like running into trouble on this upcoming raid). Basically, Jamal does not like being surprised.

    In the words of our real world, Jamal is anti-social. He had liked his older brother, Lester - who had died. He'd also been, eventually, acquainted with Demaskit - who had also died. Not to mention the bandit raids that Jamal had been witness to, as well as untrustworthy people he'd dealt with who wouldn't hesitate to stick someone with a knife. These, and other things besides, have led Jamal to believe that it is better to not have any real friends who might die the next day and leave another empty spot. So, he generally stays away from becoming too acquainted with anyone else.

    As for his views about dragons...Jamal does not believe that all dragons are selfish, greedy, mindless creatures. Yet, neither does he believe that all dragons are good, honorable, etc. Personally, Jamal sometimes wonders if a dragon would ever accept him as a Rider. In any case, his loyalty is to his king and to the land he lives in. If he is to take part in a war between his homeland and the dragons, then Jamal is not going to hesitate. Much.


    Jamal Kifius is the descendant of a line of men familiar with the military, with magic, and with fighting dragons in the days before the Dragon Riders. He doesn't know how many people may have passed it on in their families, but the Kifius family and lineage had cultivated skills, both physical and magical, for fighting dragons in those days. In Jamal's family's historical records, it was often mentioned how men of old had kept alive the 'secrets' of bringing down a dragon with minimum loss.

    Jamal, initially the third-oldest of his siblings and the best suited for combat, was taught and trained from a young age in the ways of combat. ?Along the way, he discovered that he had some talent for combat-magic?. When he was at the age of eighteen, Jamal joined the military and was soon a guard whose post would often change, whether it was in a town, caravan, etc. It was during a fight against bandits that Jamal received a sword-slash to the face, which became the scar he has now.

    Jamal was about nineteen years old when a wintertime disease struck down his oldest brother, Lester, who was several years older and more of a scholar-type of person. With the death of Lester, Bremin became the oldest of the siblings and the next-in-line to inherit the family property. Bremin, a few years older than Jamal, had turned out to be quite talented in the field of magic. Discovering a series of old books in the family library that elaborated on combat versus dragons, Bremin gave these books to Jamal upon learning that he was interested in such a thing.

    During the first ten years that he was a member of the military, Jamal was able to progress through the ranks. Within the first five years, he was well-known as a soldier who did what was needed, did not shrink from his duty, and was generally honorable. At the age of twenty-nine, as there wasn't a great need for soldiers at the time, Jamal had completed the required time as a soldier. No longer content with his position, which could be filled by another man, he was able to leave his military occupation to travel on his whims, with some money in hand. Jamal had read his dragon-combat books sparingly, when he had the time, previous to this. Now he had more time to study the books.

    It was after several months of travel that Jamal found an old man who was reputed to be a Master of Weapons, as well as one who knew the most about combat versus dragons. Jamal was interested in being able to improve his own combat skills, and he wanted to learn things that were not mentioned in his family's historical records or the books that Bremin had found for him. Among those who wanted to train under him, the Master of Weapons found Jamal to be the best pupil.

    For the next few years, Jamal was a pupil of this Master of Weapons, whose name was Demaskit. During this time, in addition to his regular training, Jamal learned more about how to fight a dragon. His training was terminated when Demaskit fell ill with the same disease that Lester had died of. With no one else to give it to, Demaskit left his belongings with Jamal, which included his personal longsword and a set of armor that was supposed to defend against dragons.

    From that time, when he was thirty-three years old, Jamal became something of a mercenary, a soldier-for-hire, any such job. He continued in such a way until war was declared on the dragons. Jamal went back to his homeland, perhaps to join the war in one way or another. He did not really imagine, though, that he would become a member of a raiding party sent by the King.

    No matter what anyone else may have thought, Jamal was ready.

    RP Sample (Or other sample): (This is taken from another roleplay I'm in, The Children Are Hunted.)

    Garet sighed. First, he'd been called to Shanghai for some reason he didn't know, and now he was supposed to be looking for a runaway trolley?

    The Arcanine bent his head again to sniff at the ground. The human-smell was less than a half-hour old; underneath it was the smell of a Pokemon. According to the others back at the base near here, this trolley station was where Merin had picked up a boy with a Gligar. Less than ten minutes ago, a call from the Kadabra's phone had come through, but with someone else talking. Since he'd been available, the white Arcanine had been chosen to run here, to some trolley station in rural Shanghai. Now, Garet was supposed to follow the route that the blue trolley had been taking.
    Or, supposed to have been taking.

    Do they think I can just fetch a trolley? Garet thought, stepping off of the station and onto the road. The Arcanine had been shown a map with the trolley's route highlighted, which he'd memorized, and been told to start from where Merin had picked up the human and Gligar. His mission? Find Merin and, if the Kadabra could take care of himself, find the blue trolley. Retrieving it and the boy were priority.

    Garet shook his head. The only way he could follow the boy's scent was if this trolley was moving at a snail's pace. At least he knew what to do for now.

    The Arcanine turned and began to run along the road, following the route he'd memorized on the fly. This had been one of the reasons he was chosen to find the trolley - Garet could run faster than it. And, if he'd judged the urgency right, the base thought that there wasn't much time before the boy could disappear. Maybe this was why I was called out here in the first place, Garet thought, slowing a little to turn left.

    Some minutes later, the Arcanine skidded to a stop in the middle of the road. Nose flaring, he detected the smell of human, somewhat brief but fresh. The boy had been here, probably off of the trolley. Garet followed his nose to where the scent was strongest, coming upon an unconscious Kadabra. Must be Merin.
    So, according to the call that had come through, this would be Route 45 here. That is, if there was a Route 45 around here. Garet still had trouble with words.

    In any case, it looked like Merin could take care of himself once he woke up. The mission's priority was finding the boy and the blue trolley, which couldn't have been gone long.
    Garet snorted. "The day I find a trolley with a smell is the day that I willingly jump into water," he muttered.
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