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Originally Posted by Jeikobu View Post
So in single battles, the only way to get the double damage with either of these attacks is to attack second?

Thanks for the help both of you. :)
In single battles, Assurance will only work in very specific situations I believe. For example, if someone switches their Pokemon and they get hit by spikes or stealth rock (lol competitive), then assurance will do double damage. Or if the other Pokemon attacks first and uses a move that causes recoil. Or if they attack you and you have something such as a Rocky Helmet or Rough Skin. But anyway it would be hard to find a use for Assurance in single battles since it's so specific.

Originally Posted by Cathar View Post
I guess this was probably asked before, but I can't really find anything in this thread..

Are there similar limitations to evolving Pokémon of other Generations in B/W like in FR/LG?

For example, if I got a Sentret right at the start of the game, would it evolve to Furret at Level 15?
I don't believe there are any limitations, the number would just show as ???. However keep in mind that you can't transfer one from D/P, you'd have to get it from the Dream World or trade it from a B/W game that has it already.

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