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Instead of editing my post I'm going to continue onto a new one now that I have the time. I wouldn't want you to miss anything. ;3

Just to recap, Jellicent has been recommended over Spiritomb and a new Reuniclus set has been suggested. Unfortunately, you still have some serious problems with your team. OHKO moves like Sheer Cold, Fissure, etc... are banned from competitive play. So you're going to have to reconsder that. On the other hand, I suggest replacing Lapras all together, as it isn't vrey good in a standard competitive environment anyway. It's hard to even tell where you're trying to go with it. Now, Staryu_Beast's recommendation of Excadrill does make sense, since you have Tyranitar (who, with Sand Stream, starts the Sand Storm weather effect). However, I feel this team isn't equipped for weather considering the little synergy between them to constitute Sand. So, with that, I suggest replacing both Lapras and Tyranitar-- or replacing a good majority of your Pokemon to be more fluent with Tyranitar's Sand Stream. Both of which require a decent amount of work on your part, the latter being most difficult but more rewarding competitively. With all those things in mind, for now I'm going to give you an adequate Tyranitar set.

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-dark pulse
-dragon claw
There are some real problems with this. Some of them are basic, new battler mistakes, others are more complex. You see, Tyranitar has been blessed with some very admirable characteristics. It has a series of STABs that can simply rip through teams like they're nothing, it gives you valuable weather control, Entry Hazard support, and it has the ability to go mixed (having a combination of both physical and special attacks). Which you have done, but I'm not completely sure if it was on purpose. For your needs, however, I'm going to recommend Tyranitar's standard set.

Tyranitar @ Leftovers / Chople Berry
Sand Stream
252 HP / 64 Special Attack / 192 Special Defense
Sassy [+Special Defense; -Speed]
- Stealth Rock
- Crunch / Pursuit
- Fire Blast
- Ice Beam / Superpower

This is probably the most common Tyranitar set around and for very good reason with its valuable utility. Crunch / Pursuit will do incredible damage to Ghost and Psychics, and in tandem with Fire Blast (that hits Steel types like Forretress, Ferrothorn, and Skarmory) gives you decent coverage. Ice Beam is ideal for Tyranitar's major threats including Gliscor and Thundurus, both of which would hesitate at the thought of a x4 Ice Beam. Superpower would give you a good chance against opposing Tyranitar and even score a supoer effective hit on Terrakion. I would suggest Superpower over Stealth Rock, but since your team lacks entry hazard support it will give your team a new dynamic. Your item choice is well.. optional. While Leftovers is generally the best, the Chople Berry can be used to help Tyranitar withstand an unboosted Focus Blast from Reuniclus or Virizion. The EV spread also reflects this. There is also an option for the Air Balloon there too. Because of Tyranitar's crippling weakness to Fighting, Reuniclus will make a good teammate, which is part of why I like Tyranitar on your team.

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-Night shade
-flame burst
-over heat (:D)
Okay. I think you do have something going for you with Chandelure here. As in Substitute. So, let's work with that a little bit.

Chandelure @ Life Orb / Leftovers
Flash Fire
4 HP / 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed
Timid [+Speed; -Attack] / Modest [+Special Attack; -Attack]
- Substitute
- Fire Blast
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Fighting] / Pain Split

With Substitute, Chandelure is able to avoid the sure OHKOs it will face. Behind the Sub, Chandelure can make use of that massive 145 Special Attack stat and wreck teams. Fire Blast and Shadow Ball make of the core of Chandelure's offensive abilities, having STAB. While HP [Fighting] can deal deadly blows to Tyranitar and Hygreigon who think they can get a quick OHKO on you, and Pain Split can give you some semi-reliable recovery and hurt any opposing Blissey. Considering the Sand Storm, entry hazards, Substitute Damage, and Life Orb recoil, Pain Split is certainly something to consider (of course, Leftovers can be used in place of the Life Orb if you're less concerned about hitting hard and more concerned about hitting more). With a Timid Nature, you'll be outspeeding the likes of Timid Politoed and Adamant Dragonite, so it's usually preferred.

Originally Posted by zombie101 View Post
-dragon claw
-shadow claw
So far, your overall Pokemon choice has not been terrible. Chandelure, Tyranitar, and Reuniclus are all very good, very powerful Pokemon. Salamence is such another who can give the most seasoned teams a run for their money when played correctly. Admittingly, your Salamence will not be slaying too much as it is. But, that's why we're going over this now. First off, I'd like to let you know that 2-turn moves (Fly, Dig, etc -- With the exception of Bounce Gyarados) are not too effective in a competitive environment. With proper prediction, your opponent is more or less allowed a free turn to set up. Something that Salamence (or any Pokemon for that matter) will not appreciate even a little. :( Anyway, I recommend a comfortable Dragon Dance set.

Salamence @ Life Orb / Leftovers
Intimidate / Moxie
252 Attack / 4 Special Attack / 252 Speed
Naive [+Speed; -Special Attack] / Naughty [+Attack; -Special Defense]
- Dragon Dance
- Outrage / Dragon Claw
- Earthquake
- Fire Blast / Roost

Dragon Dance on Salamence is nostalgic. It's an antique, but by no means is it fragile and it should never be underestimated. The boost to Attack and Speed give more to Salamence than can be handled when played correctly. Outrage is your primary STAB attack. With a Life Orb boost, beneficial nature, Salamence's high Attack stat, 120 base power, perhaps a Moxie boost, and a DD boost, Outrage is.. well, for lack of better term, Outrageous. However, it does lock you into 2 - 3 turns and makes Salamence easier to Revenge Kill so Dragon Claw is always available. Earthquake will hit the Steel types that resist Outrage, namely Heatran, Jirachi, and Metagross. And finally, Fire Blast completes this set providing perfect neutral coverage and hitting Levitating Steels. However, Salamence is yet another who will be suffering from the Sand Storm, entry hazards, and Life Orb recoil. So Roost and Leftovers are viable if it's becoming excessive. EVs maximize Speed and Attack, with the remainder in Special Attack to make the Fire Blasts count a little bit more.

Now, we still have the ever present problem of replacing Lapras. Thus far, I have been assuming you're going with Tyranitar and will be continuing using weather. However, you have no Pokemon that will truly benefit from the Sand. As mentioned before, Excadrill is a good option among many others, but this decision heavily relies on what you want to do. Please let us know exactly which direction you wish to take this team because it will require work on everyone's part to make it battle ready.