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@ Karp Glad you like it! We can both make the logos, because I would still like to make some. As for our past CAP, I doubt it. It was originally for generation four, so it wouldn't work the way it was supposed to now. Especially with Rotom-A (I haven't heard Rotom-"A" used in so long!) no longer being a spinblocker.

@ Anti Well, I was listing all the past ideas that came to mind, so I am not intending to make them all at once of course!

"Questions and Moveset Requests" doesn't sound as clunky as "Request a Moveset / Simple Q&A" in my opinion. Maybe "Moveset Help & Questions" would sound better? Out of all of them, I prefer "Simple Q&A" the most because moveset requests do fall under "questions."

I agree that clans would the best event to start with, along with a few tournaments. Funny you mention it, we actually have three users ready to make their clans (Karp, Aero, and I), with Vrai possibly sometime in the future. I imagine a clan's main focus would be preparing for clan wars by improving battling skills and teams?

@ Vrai I agree. All of the tutoring programs were successes to an extent; they brought us some active members regardless if they didn't last long.

@ Elf I don't know, all of our threat lists were trying to do too much. I think it would be better if we had the format similar to:



Overview - Probably shorter than Smogon's, but still gets the point across about its impact on the metagame. (Or is an overview even necessary?)

Offensive Dragon Dance - P2, Cress, Zong, yada yada.

MixMence - So many counters!

Then the rest of the Smogon movesets.

That would be simpler. It focuses on the purpose of a threat list, lets Smogon explain the movesets so it doesn't clutter the thread, and is easy on the eyes. Also, it doesn't take as much time to make or update! The threat list should also try to list checks and counters that Smogon doesn't list usually, so there is more of a reason to use it (this is already being done probably).