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    Originally Posted by jordsters View Post
    I am completely blocked on what Shiny to hunt... Any ideas?

    I have no Japanese Pokémon, so no Masuda Method for me ...
    If you have Wi-Fi you could try the trade-corner for a Japanese Ditto (or any other Japanese Pokémon) :D

    Or, there's always like.. 600 odd others to choose from! xD how about Riolu?

    Of my own hunts,

    Shiny Riolu, JUST hit 350 eggs as we speak. 350 seems a big number compared to my 160 egg Eevee hunt.

    And Ho-oh is currently at a measly 437. I'm slacking because I want to complete Riolu xD

    G-Money.. Let's hope the next post is a shiny! :D

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