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Originally Posted by TheShinyEevee View Post
If you have Wi-Fi you could try the trade-corner for a Japanese Ditto (or any other Japanese Pokémon) :D

Or, there's always like.. 600 odd others to choose from! xD how about Riolu?

Of my own hunts,

Shiny Riolu, JUST hit 350 eggs as we speak. 350 seems a big number compared to my 160 egg Eevee hunt.

And Ho-oh is currently at a measly 437. I'm slacking because I want to complete Riolu xD

G-Money.. Let's hope the next post is a shiny! :D
Well, I do have a Japanese Emolga, but I got it from the GTS and I have a terrible feeling that it's from a ROM... The OT letters are like bigger than usual, you know, like when you play a Japanese game and use the English letters?

I might start hunting Riolu! Lucario'd be so awesome as a Shiny, thanks!

Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
But we must persevere!
Got that right! My Drifloon was actually hacked... I'm hunting for a Shiny Riolu now... Time to get my Pokémon to the Day Care!!
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