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    Are there any other diving areas in BW besides the "Abyssal" Ruins? It seems kind of lame to only have one area for diving, and besides, since it seems we can't find any Pokemon down there, what's the purpose of having Dive Balls if there isn't another place?

    EDIT: Two more questions. For both of these, I've really wanted to be able to find it myself, but having gone through basically the whole game besides rematching the Mukennou ("Elite Four" in US), I don't believe I've found any leads on these.

    1) I don't know how to crack the password for the scientist in the Game Freak (I think) tower in Hiun ("Castellia"?) City. Is there a hint somewhere, or do I seriously have to try every possible combo until I get it right?

    2) What's with the seemingly depressed woman in the trailer in Bewilder ("Lostlorn") Forest? I talk to her and she just says, "......" I've been trying to figure out how to cheer her up, if possible.
    EDIT: Ok, I figured this out, but now what I'd like to know is, since I couldn't experience this myself in the game, is there a video or at least a picture where I could see what the entire Bewilder Forest looks like after Zoroark is discovered?
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