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Originally Posted by Rider542 View Post
could someone PLEASE help me with my black city question? im really stuck :( i need to be able to buy evolution stones :(
I think your answer wasn't answered because since you requested PM, everyone assumed someone else had done it. Maybe next time you just check the thread? :P

As far as your question, the trainers in Black City go away if you don't talk to them pretty much every day, and with them goes the stores and buildings. If you want to get more people, the only way is to find someone (in real life, not online) with White version, use the Entralink to go into their game, and talk to the people in their White Forest and some of them will come back with you to your Black City.

As far as the evolutionary stones, what is sold there depends on what residents you have there, each person gives you different items to buy. You need Karenna for the Leaf Stone, Ralph for the Water Stone, and Vincent for the Fire Stone, for example. For a full list check Bulbapedia.

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