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    Welcome to the club, zombie101!

    Congrats on the shiny Abra, Fireworks!

    I'm taking a break from filling out my Pokédex now after finishing off gens 1 and 2. I transferred over half of gen 4, so I only have a gen and a half left to transfer over. I hatched 15 Wurmple using the MM while working on my Pokédex. Wurmple is the last Pokémon that I transferred over. The Litwick count went up a little bit more to 2,246. I've been hatching Litwicks for 5 months. I will be MMing for a Beldum during the next few days before returning to Litwick at the start of October, which is the perfect month for hatching a shiny Ghost-type Pokémon. I hatched Skarmory, Durant, and now Beldum, all Steel-types, because of the upcoming release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon on BR and DVD, which is one of my favorite movies. Skarmory reminds me of Laserbeak, and Durant reminds me of Shockwave.
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