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    I need nine writers to help me to write a multi author book you will receive a free copy of the book and a share in the profits (amount to be arranged message me if you have a percentage that you want)


    Chapter One-The Time Hole Opens 2
    Chapter One-The Time Hole Opens
    My granddad used to tell me about earth before world war 3 he told me about the trees and the houses. Now we are live on Bankcroft a large planet on the outside edge of the Milky Way.
    I wake to the pleasant sight of the sun beaming through my bedroom windows I sit at the window watching as the crimson sun smiles and glows like fire.
    Suddenly a Starfire shoots past my window it zooms past my window it takes one second but it’s enough time for me to see it features I step back from the window and slowly walk over to the door.
    The door creaks open my eyes adjust to the light and I see the hologram projection “Morning, Master Javier. How are you today”. “I’m good what my schedule is for today?” I ask, “Your schedule for today is…play with friends…go to school…go to Hamnulty” I walk down the stairs watching them glow with every step I take.
    The front door opens automatically when I get close the hologram slowly fades away I pick up my bag I step out the door and open my bag and pull out my silver and blue hover board and wiz to Max’s house where Robert, Marylou, Alejandra, Rae were waiting for me so we can go to school together.
    As I wiz past down rusty road I see Mr Burk’s Hover Shop I swing myself to the left and walk into the shop as I walk in I see loads of hover boards on the walls from mackinto to yamotos and the big glass display cabinet I run over dodging shoppers and stare through the glass the Starfire was their I looked for a price.
    I look around and find a small price tag nine hundred and ninety nine banko’s I leave the shop quickly knowing I only have fifteen banko’s I get back on my hover board and shoot for Max’s house trying to forget about the Starfire and focus on my day ahead.
    I finally arrived at Max’s house and knocked on the door it swung open immediately and my friends were waiting there we shared a glance and left for school speeding past houses on the way.
    We went round the corner and headed straight for the school gate…suddenly a huge blue and purple hole opened straight in front of us pulling us in.
    “I have seen this before it’s a…”Max pulls out his book and flips through the pages until he finds it “it’s a time hole.
    I wake up expecting to see the crimson sun but all I see is trees and my friends around me “where are we?” I ask expecting someone to know “we don’t know” Max replied I remember the tie hole then it all went black”