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    So... I'm back on PC. So I guessed I'd join the Seed Bby madness and Nuzlocking Insanity also known as the Challenge forums once again~

    Heh, random idea inspired by something I'm trying to do on PF.

    The Other Thing Challenge (tentative name). You have to go through the game with Pokémon that you think are quite similiar to characters from your favourite anime/TV Show/book series/whatever. You can use your starter until you get a Pokémon that fits the criteria, but once you get it, your starter must be boxed/released. Oh yeah, you must try to get that Pokémon as soon as possible. (so if one of your mons is a Pikachu, search Viridian Forest until you find one instead of just skipping the forest like just another forest)

    If I did start this, I think I'd do it on Diamond or something with Kidou Piplup->Empoleon as my starter, Endou Pichu->Raichu and Gouenji Growlithe->Arcanine (yay alliteration) being good some backup mons. And an useless Megane Magikarp for the box.
    Third time's the charm, right~?