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    I think I'll sign up for this

    Status: Complete!

    Start Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011. 12:55 P.M. End Date: Monday, October 10, 4:43.

    Name: Jenifer Amealia Peters

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: (Tell me if pictures are okay)
    (Try to imagine her without so much Sherlock Holmes detail)

    Personality: Jenifer is a very kind person. She is always thinking of different ways to help someone out. She is also very curious and humorous. She usually never fails when she takes a case. Jenifer is very inteligent and factual. Jenifer is almost always serious. Sometimes she may come up with different and crazy conclusions. She is also a big fan of philosophy.

    Jenifer is also very poetic. She has a photographic memory, so she will often remember all poems she reads, and recite them to people. She will always protect her clients, like they are family. Jenifer will always resort to giving her life for her loved ones if she has to. Due to her past experiences, Jenifer is very protective of anyone she meets. Jenifer has much potential. Jenifer won't get angry often, but when she does, it's very hard to stop her.

    History: When Jenifer was little, she became very smart. Her parents were seeing signs of potential. Jenifer would always be the best in her class, but she never made any friends. While other kids spent their time hanging out and playing hand-helds, Jenifer would read. Jenifer has always been teased, even up to now. She was raised by Jerry and Bella Peters. When Jenifer turned five, she was abducted by robbers. There she was taught many bad things, but she never made a habbit out of any of them. But she would have to help in the robbers' crimes or else she would get whipped. Sometimes they would threaten to kill her. But this is where she met her best friend: A Zangoose named Zane. Jenifer found him trying to steal the food Jenifer had helped the robbers steal. Jenifer gave half the food to the pokemon. Luckily no one saw Zane. Jenifer has been taking care of Zane ever since.

    When she turned ten, she was rescued and returned to her parents. However, the bandits got away. But Jenifer used her knowledge to track them down and put them in prison. This was her first case. Jenifer immidiately knew she was going to be a detective after this. Her and her family have been living very happy ever since. A little of what she was taught by the robbers has come in now. But not much at all, however, it is enough to make it obvious. Jenifer has hidden her bad actions from the world. Her parents are now beginning to think about getting a divorce, and because of this, Jenifer is doing slightly more bad things than before. And worst of all, the bandits are tracking Jenifer down now.


    Pokemon Name: Zane

    Species: Zangoose

    Age: 18


    Moves: Slash, Close Combat, Dig, Shadow Claw, Metal Claw, and X-scissor.
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