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Ghosts are pretty awesome, especially in gen v with the likes of chandelure and jellicent. A question about the challenge. Would it be on Black and white or an older game?
Unlike previous events, the Halloween challenge will be for all main games. :) Though I highly suggest not using anything older than RSE, otherwise your choices are going to be terrible.

So... I'm back on PC. So I guessed I'd join the Seed Bby madness and Nuzlocking Insanity also known as the Challenge forums once again~
Awwwweeeee. Seed bby is so great and wonderful. OMG GUYS. Did I mention I have two shiny Seed bbys? :D One is courtesy of Deku, the other is from dragonmega. So fabulous<3

The Other Thing Challenge (tentative name). You have to go through the game with Pokémon that you think are quite similiar to characters from your favourite anime/TV Show/book series/whatever. You can use your starter until you get a Pokémon that fits the criteria, but once you get it, your starter must be boxed/released. Oh yeah, you must try to get that Pokémon as soon as possible. (so if one of your mons is a Pikachu, search Viridian Forest until you find one instead of just skipping the forest like just another forest)

If I did start this, I think I'd do it on Diamond or something with Kidou Piplup->Empoleon as my starter, Endou Pichu->Raichu and Gouenji Growlithe->Arcanine (yay alliteration) being good some backup mons. And an useless Megane Magikarp for the box.
I think there's already one like this? But I can't quite put my finger on the name of it, lol. But it's around somewhere, I'm sure.

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