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    Wait. Ten authors on one story?

    That's really not going to work well at all. Writing styles differ, authors might take characters/the story in different directions than what another author wanted, and it's going to be a very messy thing to make coherent. Like a lot of editing. And since there are basic mistakes made in your sample (when you want it to be clean if you want people working with you), there might be a few problems with the editing part of the process. For example:

    I finally arrived at Max’s house and knocked on the door it swung open immediately and my friends were waiting there we shared a glance and left for school speeding past houses on the way.
    This one sentence should be split into three.

    Also, I'm wondering just how you're going to get this book published. Getting published is a very difficult thing to do. And if you're going to go with self-publishing... I don't believe you're going to get enough of a profit to split well between ten people, especially when you mention that they have to tell you what percentage of the total they want.

    Plus, it's skeevy that this is your only post on the entire forums, so hard to tell how legit you are. Plus, if you take the time to look around, you would notice that PC's writing community isn't big on co-writing. Particularly with nine other people.

    And thread closed.
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