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2 things:
1.)@Dude when are you uploading the pictures?

2.)@whoever If anyone can get in contact with Bal or someone who's good at mapping say so. We really need to get route 1 and the beginning town mapped! I'm getting frustrated tryna think of how this stuff is getting mapped. Bal, if you read this, you suck. That's all I got to say to you. M.L, if your not too busy at the moment, then remap the first town and map route 1. I'm gonna reattach the demo in the first post to use to map the stuff. I also found some tiles that anyone can use, here! The way I want the maps to look is as follows:
First town- It needs to have a gym, a reasearch lab, and the players house. I don't care what the rest looks like. It can have 5 houses and a merry-go-round for all I care.As long as it has those 3 things, it's good.
route 1- It should be very long but not that wide. That's it. Make everything else the way you want it.

We really need this done. We could've had this done if Bal had mapped the stuff when he said he would (like 2 weeks ago). Once again, Bal, you suck. We gotta get this hack going!
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