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    Hey there everyone! Sorry I'm late. I'll try to finish this soon!

    Name: Kira Bjarthen
    Age: 33
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Kira is of average height for an elf, a little over 5 feet tall. She is thin but wiry, with long legs and a thin, solid build. Her hair is auburn and flat, laying against her head and reaching her shoulders. Her eyes, or her left eye at least, are hazel, the color gradient from yellow-lime to amber. Her right eye is covered by a black eyepatch.

    Kira's clothing of choice consists of a long-sleeved shirt and wool slacks, both dyed bluish grey. Over this she wears a blue leather vest, with tan moccasins for shoes. She is usually seen carrying a brown leather satchel, or occasionally a large brown canvas backpack. For the upcoming journey, she replaced her blue vest for a sturdier brown leather vest, and wears leather bracers on her forearms. She wears a brown canvas duster, with an added hood, for travel and protection from the weather.

    Weapon of Choice: Due to her poor depth perception, Kira hardly ever uses ranged weapons. She is proficient in smaller, light weapons, such as short swords or knives, and carries a jian, or arming sword, as her primary weapon. She has a short sword on her belt and a pair of daggers on each leg as backup weapons.

    Personality: Kira is a simple girl who's not afraid of a little work. Though young, she's down to earth and dependable. Raised on a quaint little farm, she was taught any job can be done with a little common sense and hard work. As such, she's not much of a thinker, but is a loyal and efficient worker. She's not one for conversation, and loves to be on the move, so she always tries to keep busy and doesn't spend much time with others. As a result, she often spends much of her time alone, and is a little awkward around others. She gets confused or distracted by them, and doesn't like to answer their questions, but tries to remain helpful if they aren't too prying. She is content with her life, but occasionally wishes some adventure would come her way, but never expecting something this big.

    History: Kira was born on a small farm, not far from the capitol. The farm was quite successful, but it required a lot of work. She never really fit in with the farmer's lifestyle, and later moved into the city. She soon found work as a mail carrier, delivering letters or packages throughout the city. She never bothered taking the Dragon Rider test, content with her role as a mailwoman. However, some recruitment scouts for the army had heard of her and how quickly and efficiently she moved through the city, and directly requested she enlist. This was a chance to do something new and exciting, so she decided to join. She made it through the training, and joined the forces as a scout and forester. She worked as a mail carrier during the week, doing guard duty on weekends, but was told that she would have to become a full-time soldier if the need ever arose.

    And the need for troops soon did rise. The human Prince and the elf Princess were abducted by dragons, who slaughtered a whole squadron of soldiers. The young mailwoman was soon forced to become a soldier, and was selected as part of a special task force. Her speed and expertise in mobility would be useful skills for a raid on the dragon's home turf. Proud to serve and thrilled at the prospect of traveling to far-off lands, Kira is set to make a special delivery. Not a delivery of mail, but a delivery of justice.

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