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Name: Sir Siegfried Wagnar
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Appearance: Siegfried carries himself a certain level of regal upbringing. Considered handsome by his peers, Siegfried packs youthful energy with a sense of practicality. Standing at about 5"11, Siegfried has an a rather slim figure. While athletic and toned, Siegfried is not a walking tank of a muscle. Instead, he relies on guile, agility and a surprising amount of strength to overcome his enemies.

Siegfried has a full head of blonde hair that is rather long with no sense of style. Instead the hair is rather unkempt and untamed, giving Siegfried a wild yet surprisingly natural look. Peering through his unkempt hair, are a pair of blue eyes. Siegfried's eyes are a fair size and quite expressive all things considered. Siegfried's face is quite thin and pale, giving him a sickly look. The face is free of impurities and any disfiguring marks. His nose is small and thin as well, in line with his general facial features. He also has thin lips and a rather small chin considering the fact his face is quite long. The one thing of note is a single silver loop piercing in his left ear.

Siegfried's outfit suits that of an adventuring noble above all else. He favors his obviously expensive red long sleeved shirt with gold accents and buckle on his chest. Over this, Siegfried wears a blue jacket with gold buttons. Black pants cover his legs with a brown leather belt with several utility pockets for item holding. He wears fine, expensive, durable leather gauntlets and boots. A signature golden scarf is worn around his neck, not only for personal sense of style but also to keep him warm in the colder environments of the north. All his clothing carries a sense of regal status and arrogance while also being tactically effective. Siegfried carries his oversized weapon on his back in an elaborate sheath. He carries his other tools on his belt.

For Reference:

Weapon of Choice: Glam, a large Zweihander (Two hander in German). With its blue and silver handle and hilt and black blade embroidered with golden runes, Glam is a masterfully crafted and beautiful sword. It is the Wagner's family heirloom and legend has it the blade has mystical and magical properties.

Siegfried also carries a long knife on his belt on the back, as well as another in a hilt riding on his left leg. Siegfried also sports a sling and iron balls for a projectile weapon, though he strongly favors close quarters combat. Siegfried final tool is a grappling hook on his right leg, but it is only used for utitly purposes.

Personality: Siegfried does not make a good impression, possibly because he is not a great person to begin with. Of true noble tradition, Siegfried is arrogant, prideful and ambitious. He seeks glory, wealth, and legendary status and will do anything to obtain such honors. Siegfried is an independent spirit attempting to accomplish his goals with minimal assistance, believing that assistance would ruin his glory. Siegfried pursues his desires relentlessly, rarely not doing something that can assist in some way. If he is not questing, he is training. If he is not training, he is questing.

Because of his ambitions, Siegfried can be cold, indifferent curt and abrasive. He is not exceptionally talkative, rarely giving them time to finish their sentences. One could say Siegfried handles his dealings as he is handling a business. Time is money and Siegfried despises wasting valuable time. That being said, he gives everyone a chance to speak. However if there is no substance to keep him interested, he will cut them off. Siegfried is rather reserved and not exceptionally energetic in his social dealings. He rarely speaks and chooses to remain silent in most cases, believing his actions will speak for him. Siegfried has a reputation of being cold and uncaring to others in his dealings, not doing things for the sake of a good heart but more for the renown that an accomplished quest brings. Siegfried does not show a great interest in things that do not directly affect him, his family or the ideals he believes him, being rather indifferent to most things. He sees the world as something full trivial problems that can be easily ignored.

He does have a good heart in some interpretations. He is honorable, upholding a certain code of chivalry as to be expected of a knight. He shows respect to the law and society, doing his best to better in his own way. He rarely accepts quests that involve underhanded dealings making his quests often motivated by a subconscious desire to help others. Siegfried is aware he is at the mercy of his lord and master, the king, and therefore also shows loyalty to him. Siegfried demonstrates a fair amount of respect to women, always willing to save a damsel in distress. While he fancies himself a ladies man, Siegfried rarely flirts and shows little interest in starting a family. Rarely one to travel in groups, Siegfried nevertheless shows respect and loyalty to his comrades, though he often places higher value on the mission or quest than the lives of his counterparts. Siegfried has amazing connections with his family and loves them greatly. He defends them with great pride and brutality.

Siegfried remains calm in almost all situations, choosing to never question the happenings in the real world. Despite being young, Siegfried is well traveled and veteran of adventures. Siegfried is experienced and adaptable, able to adjust to most situations with relative ease. He is a skilled tactician, if his tactics are a bit reckless and out of the box due to them being horribly improvised. He is known to be reckless himself, often playing hero at inopportune times.

As if they have not been mentioned before, Siegfried has some glaring character flaws. Most obvious is Siegfried's love for alcohol. He is a heavy drinker and frequents bars, drinking himself into a stupor. While not very knightly, Siegfried does have self control and only drinks in times of peace. Siegfried proves to be judgmental, quick to scoff at those lesser than him.

History: Siegfried was the third child to Richard Wagnar, the head of the noble Wagnar house whom dubbed the themselves the Wardens of the North. Along with his elder brother Harken, Siegfried was educated by his father in various arts including the fine arts and the art of war. Siegfried was a slower learner than his elder brother and he experienced numerous difficulties in his lessons. A friendly rivalry emerged between the two brothers, and as younger siblings came to being, the Wagnar family became a large friendly unit.

And then tragedy stuck.

The Wagnar family, throughout history, has always been a powerful and well known family and this generation did not harm its valuable reputation. Richard Wagnar led the house well, training his sons in combat, regal manners, and later some basic support-based magic as they grew older. Siegfried and Harken made it their mission to mentor the young ones the best they can, knowing that to continue the legacy the youth must be strong. As time passed, however, relationships between the Wagnar children experienced some difficultly. Siegfried's eldest sister was married off at the age of 19 to a middle noble from the south, while Siegfried's youngest brother who was only 11 practically demanded to be sent to a magic school in the far east. Siegfried's other siblings were also scattered at one time or another either sent away to pursue their passions: scholars, noble etiquette, military service, among other trades. The large Wagner family was divided throughout the country and this hit the 16 year old Siegfried fairly hard.

It did not help that about 4 years later the great Richard Wagnar grew ill in the great winter, resigning his Head of House duties to Harken assuming the role of the head of council for the Wagnar House. Siegfried's closest friend became a politician, one in which Siegfried rarely had time to spend with. Bored, ignored and out of place, Siegfried traveled to the capital of the country. It was here that Siegfried pledged his service to the king honorably, working as a solider for a number of years. Though it was a time of peace, Siegfried performed his duty honorably, without question. During a tour of the country, a group of bandits attempted to raid and capture one of the King's daughters, the fair maiden and youngest princess. Siegfried pushed back, pursued and executed all the bandits single handed and then proceeded to bring the princess back to her father to inform him of the attack. The King was ecstatic and overjoyed to her return safe and blessed Siegfried with the rank of Sir Siegfried Wagnar, a noble knight in the service to the crown at the age of 23.

Times of peace rarely cause a knight to return the pledge of service and for the 5 years Siegfried toured the country with a various number of motives. The thrill of saving the princess and the beginning of the process building his own legend outside of his brothers and sisters (who all began to construct legends of their own in their various trades) had caused Siegfried to seek adventure and opportunities to prove himself. With only a young teen Squire by the name of Drake at his side (who is now 16 years of age himself), Siegfried traveled the country seeking quests to overcome, damsels to save, monsters to slay and people to spread his name. Siegfried ventured tirelessly and trained constantly become a powerful and well known "Knight of the People." His greatest accomplishments include the quelling of a rebel threat and slaying the Seven Beasts of the Shire (totally make this crap up, but roll with it) as he claims singlehanded but little do people know that Drake played a solid role in these ventures.

Siegfried's legend however now bears its greatest opportunity: the slaying of a dragon. A war has been declared and Siegfried is born to become a true hero.

RP Sample: Pretty much the worst selection, but most of the RPs join seem to die of heart attacks.

Cody had went to a fairly large school in the past. Filled to the brim with students, Cody developed an excellent sense of direction and an ability to slip through crowds better than anyone he knew. However, this "academy" was unlike anything he had seen before. Opulent in decoration, grand in design and titanic in size, calling the academy impressive would be an understatement. He attempted, however, to control his sense of amazement and focus on the task at hand. If it wasn't obvious before, it was now. Cody wasn't leaving. He was stuck here, whatever here was. He had to adjust and prepare for his extended vacation. As he made his way through the grandiose hallways, Cody began drawing a mental map of the academy, noting any "landmarks" he passed by. This would be an abridged map however, only taking in a selected portion of the school. It was a start, though and at this point a start was better than nothing. The map making process absorbed all his attention as the small Primeria lead the way with a sense of lost composition. Something was bothering her, that much was obvious but Cody was never that talented at reading people especially women.

A flight of stairs later, it had seemed Cody and Primeria had reached the headmaster's office. There was an empty desk lying near a large double door. Cody guessed it was for some sort of assistant, but this was 2011 and it wasn't a modern day school. What kind of medieval wizard principal needs a secretary? Oh well, Cody shrugged and instead wondered if the secretary was hot. Primeria didn't seem to notice Cody's daydreaming and focused her attention to the towering doors before them.

"...P-Professor Awenston?" Primeria asked as she knocked on the door, visibly reluctant to enter the doors. The door was slight ajar and Primeria took the invitation regardless. Cody smirked, knowing he would have the same perhaps with less manners. Breaking and entering was a hobby of his in the past.

The creaking of the door revealed…a tall, ancient looking man standing before them. The man was quite old, a snow white beard consuming half his face. It was quite long, reminding Cody of the classical depiction of the venerable wizard. His clothing was regal if a bit effeminate sporting a black gown. He appeared to have just reappeared from something, possibly explaining the open door. Cody's jaw dropped as the old wizard came into view.

"You…you…you must be Dumbledore!"

"I'm sorry, no. I am Professor Awenston. I'd appreciate to be addressed as such," the headmaster replied. He walked past Cody (who was still in a state of shock) and stood before Primeria. "He must the familiar you had summoned earlier today. I must his outfit is certainly striking. Suits a poor commoner, or some sort of horrid outcast."

"It's a popular outfit where I come from. Plenty of people wear it. It is a very selective crew however. Requires an initiation and everything," Cody interrupted the old man's conversation with Primeria. Cody traversed the room, examining every little detail with curiosity only matched by that of a small child. Touching and fondling various objects and books, Cody "marked" the room quite well. With every object he touched, the headmaster's face twitched with anger. By the end of his examination, Cody had damaged several books and broke a fancy vase.

He grabbed a piece of fruit from the conveniently placed fruit bowl; its alluring shape and unknown taste impossible to ingore. He proceeded to juggle the fruit with dexterity, before catching behind his back and take a sizable bite. Cody then collapsed into the headmaster's chair, kicking up his feet on his desk.

"Who said you can sit there?! And why are you eating that?! It was a gift!" the headmaster roared, snatching the fruit from Cody's hand and using a simple spell to toss Cody across the room. "I hope you can afford the repairs, Miss Primeria.

Cody picked himself off the ground and dusted himself off, fixing his collar and outfit while he was at it. "Oh pull the wand out of your ass, old man."

"Address me as Professor Awenston, familiar."

"Did anyone tell you have a fantastic beard?" Cody asked stroking Awenston's beard in an almost flirtatious manner, completely ignoring the headmaster's coarse order.


"Okaay~~" Cody winked. "Could of just said please," he grumbled under his breath. "Though if you really want to continue this old wizard look you need add a hat with stars right there," he rambled incoherently pointing to Awenston's head. The headmaster rebelled, slapping Cody's hand away. Cody attempted to point again only to be rejected. And again. And again. And again. And again.

"Enough of these childish games!" The headmaster unleashed a thunderous roar, forcing Cody to take a few steps back before hiding behind his "master." The reality is that Cody was attempt to dodge the barrage of saliva fired at him.

Cody gulped. "You got some spit on your-"

"Slience! You will speak when spoken to." Cody replied with a thumbs up.

"Primeria Sage. You seem to have quite the familiar on your hands. I only hope that you are prepared for this," the headmaster with a certain level of distain holding a sheet of paper in his hand. Before he could continue, the paper was gone and Cody held in his hand, one arm around the headmaster himself.

Cody coughed and read the small piece of parchment aloud with a fake British accent for dramatic effect:
Tristein Academys New Familiar showcase!

As most of the noble familys will know, the second year students have summoned their familiars.

As a test of the mage and familiars skill and bond, we will once again be hosting the Familiar Showcase, A show which shows off how well the mage has trained their familiars and to show how well the bond between them has formed. The show will take place three days from now and will be an exciting occasion for all.

We will have a range of special guests but perhaps the most exciting is the princess of Tristein herself.

Leonda Hiyacenth!

We hope you will do your best to attend!

Signed: Prof. P. Awenston, headmaster of the Tristein academy for magical arts and their teachings.

"Oh right. That explains it," Cody nodded having reached an epiphany. The headmaster stared in frustrated confusion, Cody's antics had clearly gotten to the wise man. "Your name really is Awenston. No wonder you are so angry. If only your name was epic," Cody said with a troll like smile.

"Grrrr. Primeria. Get your familiar out of here….please," Awenston begged, though the vile words sounded more like a threat.

"Whoa, whoa. Slow down old timer, before you have a heart attack. We got three days for this right?" Cody said pointing at the paper.

"Yes...Yes, you did. Two days ago. The showcase is tomorrow. I'd advise you prepare for it, Primeria. It seems you do not have any sense of control over your familiar," Awenston said turning to Primeria immediately after answering Cody's question. "Now, leave my office. Immediately." Awenston brandished his staff and slammed the end on the ground, as if he was about to conjure a spell.

Cody shook his head, shrugged his shoulders and raised his arms innocently as if he was being arrested. He made his way out of the door, walking backwards not trusting the old man enough to turn his back. After making his way through the door, Cody muttered: "Jeez, what got into that old man. He's your principal? Makes me happy I don't go to school anymore. So, what are we doing about this showcase thing? Flier makes it sound you have to participate."

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