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    1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow: Moltres. Yay , legendary!
    2. Your Pokemon Parents: Wailmer. WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN
    3. Your Girl/Boy Friend: Spheal. Of all things I get a ball seel thingy.
    4. Your Rival: Seedot. How nonsensical. Moltres should squish it instantly , as it is a puny nut.
    5. Your Best Friend: Larvesta. Makes sense , as it is a fire type. Makes Seedot look even more puny.
    6. Your Pet: Crawdaunt. At least it makes sense....kinda.

    let's try again.

    1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow: Genesect. No, I'm Dennis.
    2. Your Pokemon Parents: Regirock. I'm not adopted
    3. Your Girl/Boy Friend: Togetic. Wait...How can a happy bird date with a killing machine?
    4. Your Rival: Magneton. Ugh, I wish Team Plasma didn't put metal on me.
    5. Your Best Friend: Seedot. A nut and a destruction machine. How likely.
    6. Your Pet: Qwilfish. More like Poison Bomb.