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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
There are things that I don't even know about either... such as the locations of the 3D Model data and the map layout/land data. And prahaps also finding out how the movement of curving around in places such as the Skyarrow Bridge, Castelia City, Village Bridge. I aren't even sure if they are movement permissions. It surely is something we need to research. First off... knowing the location of the land data/map layouts in Pokémon Black/White. Once we learn about them... then we'll have fun messing around with the ROM and changing many portions of it and learning even more stuff about the mapping engine. This will be a brillient step in Pokémon Black/White hacking. After all... research is something that is shared across everyone on the world wide web.
Haha. You sound like me. I totally agree with you. Creating a BW map editor would be revolutionary. Some day we'll be editing things like crazy with some DPPtHGSSBW map editor. And then we'll wonder why we didn't figure it out sooner! :D
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