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    @Poke Ok. Just remember to follow the specifications that I have and to send it to me when you're done. I'll do the scripting for the first town, and let a different scripter script route 1 if they want.

    @All spriters We need sprites for the starter pokemon's first form (no rush, I have a backup plan if they're not made before the release of the first alpha). I've been thinking and want to do something a little different for the starters. I don't care who does which as long as they're good and have BOTH a front and back sprite!

    1st starter(start-1st evo- 2nd evo-3rd evo!)
    2nd starter(start-1st evo- 2nd evo-3rd evo!)
    3rd starter(start-1st evo- 2nd evo-3rd evo!)
    Ground-Ground-Ground/Dragon-Ground/Dragon (Don't ask me how. I though it would be cool if one of them ended up being a fire/dragon pokemon)
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