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    Riders swords are supposed to be the same color as their dragons and they have names. Just saying

    Here's what I've got of my SU so far. I'll finish it later Finished! :D

    Istalri Ardurn (Elf) and Draumr (Dragon)

    Istalri-215 (that's young for an elf ) Draumr-192

    Istalri-Female Draumr-Female




    Weapon of Choice:

    Istalri: Istalri is a master of many weapons, but she favors her sword Hjarta and the bow and arrow. Of course, like all elves and dragon riders, she is also a user of magic.

    Draumr: Draumr uses her claws, teeth, fire, etc. like any other dragon, but she is also able to produce an icy mist.

    Istalri: Istalri is cocky and impulsive. She can jump right into something with no idea what is going on and seem as if she had planned it all along. She will take on any challenge thrown her way even if the outcome is obvious. She has a habit of making trouble for herself and if it weren't for her dragon companion she would likely be dead by now. When she really puts her mind to something she can turn out to be quite smart. She has a habit of playing practical jokes when bored, many of which would end her up in trouble if she were to be caught. Contrary to popular belief, Istalri does not do this to get attention, but rather to distract herself from a pain buried deep inside. Though some wonder about her when she disappears for hours - sometimes even days - on end, they would never guess that fun-loving Istalri is hiding a great sadness. Often times she will be found teasing some fellow rider about being a 'momma's boy' even though it is known that she herself does not have any known parents. The only time she is completely serious is when ever part of her is focused on a single goal and nothing else. At times like these, she is determined to let nothing stop her.

    Draumr: Draumr is the polar opposite of Istalri. When the young elf is off playing one of her jokes on some unsuspecting victim, Draumr makes sure that she is punished. The dragon understands that it is not always best to jump right into things and her levelheadedness has saved the pair countless times. She is with her companion at all times and comforts the girl when she is on her own, thinking back on her life. It takes a lot to get her mad, but when she gets going, you better watch out! If angered enough she just might set the provoker on fire. She enjoys a good fight, though she understands that winning is not always possible. Draumr did learn something from her elf partner, and that is how to be deceitful; she always keeps a promise, though she may fulfill it in a way you did not expect.

    Istalri: Istalri was born to parents who were masters of magic. They began teaching her at a young age and by the time she was 20 she had learned every possible spell they could teach her. She got training in weapons - both in fighting with them and forging them-from an elven master. With his help she created her sword, one of those made from the metal of a shooting star, and she made her bow and arrows herself. When she was 23, she received an icy blue egg from which Draumr hatched. Soon after the dragonling hatched, Istalri received word that her parents had been killed by a feverish dragon that had gone on rampage in its confusion. The elf did not hold a grudge for long, but the damage had already been done. She went from responsible and respectful to foolish and cocky. When Draumr was old enough, the two began training as dragon and rider. With Istalri's skill in spell casting andswordsmanship they should have been able to pass withing five years, but of course, Istalri being Istalri, she had to pull a practical joke here and there, prolonging their training another five years. Having heard about the recent events and not wanting anyone to lose their loved ones like she had, she is determined to find a way to end the war.

    Draumr: Draumr hatched for Istalri when she was 23. It took three months for her to grow large enough to begin training, and in that time she noticed a change in her partner, despite her young age. She comforted Istalri however she could and was relieved when the elf didn't blame the dragons for her parents' deaths. Their bond became a strong one, somewhat due to the fact that Istalri needed someone to help her through her times of depression. When they began their training that bond only strengthened. They worked well as a team, with Istalri being able to think on her feet and Draumr making sure she didn't get herself killed. When news reached them of the recent events, the dragon became worried that Istalri's grudge against dragons would reawaken and decided it would be in their best interests to stop the war.

    RP Sample:
    From Gladiators
    A pale shadow flitted through the trees of Ilex Forest in the direction of a loud, mighty roar. It stopped at the edge of a large clearing in the middle of the forest where a gigantic creature was battling a much smaller, fairy like creature. In the sunlight, the shadow was revealed to be a pure white Castform with a scar running diagonally along its face. The two battling creatures were Dialga, the lord of time, and Celebi, the time traveler. Dialga roared in Celebi's direction and a shock-wave of energy emanated from its mouth as the roar echoed throughout the forest. 'That must be Roar of Time,' [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]Mini[/COLOR][/COLOR] Death the Castform thought in awe. A sphere of energy surrounded Celebi that deflected Dialga's attack. As Dialga's Roar of Time connected with Celebi's Protect the space around them seemed to warp. The wind picked up and swirled around the clearing as a rapidly growing hole appeared at the connecting point of the offensive and defensive moves. 'What's going on?' Mini wondered. She inched a bit closer and immediately found herself trapped in the whirlpool of air. The last thing she saw before disappearing into the hole was the angry face of Dialga.
    Mini Death groaned as she opened her eyes. She felt as if she had been turned inside out. Shaking her head in an attempt to get rid of her dizziness, she only made it worse. The scarred Castform settled on the ground until she could see clearly and looked around. 'What happened? Where did Ilex Forest go?' she though in bewilderment as she took in her surroundings. The magnificent forest that had once been here had now been replaced by shrubs and a few skinny trees. She got up and floated forward, trying to find anything that might be familiar. She spotted something sitting in one of the few trees and glided towards it. The thing took the shape of a Pidgeotto, and a fierce looking one at that. 'Maybe it can tell me where I am,' Mini thought.

    "Excuse me! You there, the Pidgeotto! Can yo-" She was cut off as the bird pokemon screeched and dove at her with its talons reaching out. 'That thing looks like it wants to eat me! Well, it's not going to if I have my way!" Mini Death cackled softly as clouds covered the sky and hail started to fall. She glowed as if evolving and she transformed into her snowy form. "You want a piece of me?! Come and get it than!" she yelled at the flying-type. It had slowed due to the hail pelting down on it. Mini sucked in a deep breath than breathed out a storm of snow, Blizzard attack. The Pidgeotto's feathers froze from the cold and it fell from the sky, barely conscious. Not about to let up on the pokemon that planned to make a meal out of her, Mini hit it with one more Blizzard, successfully knocking it out. With an huff the Castform turned away. The skies cleared and she transformed back to her normal form. Taking another look around as she floated along, only one thought came to her mind: 'Where the heck am I?"

    Istalri's name means "flame" in the ancient language and Draumr's name means "dream".
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