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    @ Fortworth96 Yes, but only in the Eragon series. This is only mostly ripped off from Eragon. And seeing as how this is ripped off from Eragon, I should give Paolini credit. All characters and ideas in the Inheritance Cycle belong to Christopher Paolini. I only rip off his ideas!

    @ Everyone. Unfortunately, XxSweetDreamsxX backed out at the last minute, so we have a Dragon Rider position open.

    Also, I am going to go ahead and start the RP tomorrow. To all of you who have not yet completed your SUs, please do so quickly. If you finish your SU after I start the RP, just go ahead and post without me formally accepting you, because of course I will at this point. Unless you make a terible SU, which I am sure you wont.

    One more thing, because of my terrible organizational/planning skills, I probobly wont be able to post on Saturday night (stupid last minute English Project). However, I will do all that I can to keep the RP moving tomorrow night/Sunday morning.

    So that is all, have a lovely night all you wonderfull people! AND GET THOSE SUs IN!!

    Alright guys, check out the main thread, the RP has started!
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