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    Originally Posted by Full Metal
    A table with pointers is simply a sequence of pointers.
    ^ And so forth( Of course, fill in with actual pointers. That tends to work better )
    You can put it anywhere you want, and whatever the 0x08FFFFFF pointer is, change that to repoint to your table. ( I would elaborate more, but I haven't actually red this tutorial )
    Thanks for helping out. Now I understand how pointer tables work, but I'm still having a problem. It did work once, but the game crashed the next time I tried to load the save file. I think that what I'm doing wrong has to do with the 0x8FFFFFF pointer. When the tut says to "change the 0x08FFFFFF pointer to your new table" does that mean to change it in the ASM code


    table2:  .word 0x08FFFFFF
    or in the ROM itself? Also, what is the difference between the 08 being at the beginning of a pointer rather than the end?

    Thanks again.
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