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    Ok I'm kind of annoyed right now because I've taken a brief glance at the RMT's and I've seen people say to replace five out of six pokemon. This thread from smogon shows how you give a proper rate, and if you read rule #3, it says: Indeed, it is often best to try and deviate as little as possible from the original team as possible. Remember, you're here to rate the team, not rebuild it. I like seeing people trying to be helpful to other people, but the goal of an RMT is not so you can get a completely new team, it's so you can fix your old team to adapt better to the metagame. If you suggest 1 or 2 pokemon to replace, that's fine by me, but replacing the whole team is absolutely ridiculous as you can see in this thread. I'm not trying to pinpoint anybody, but this is really kind of ridiculous telling someone to replace essentially their whole team.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day~