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Originally Posted by Truality View Post
That's some really good background. Except for the clouds, I guess. They're not bad, but they don't feel natural to me, with this scattered grey in them.
The fakes look somehow... 'juicy'. Lol. It's the colours, I guess, but nice shading. I guess I can't add anything more right now, I have to lay down for a while. Expect more critique soon, Retribution!
Finally someone posted! xD

I have to agree with you (I don't argue much, do I? XD) I was very minimalistic with the clouds. I'll get round t editing them in a bit. And I see what you mean about the colours. XD At least they're not boring. Enjoy your lie down.

Update time!

I revamped one of my older works, something for the isometric project a while back. I really just wanted to get back to spriting in the isometric style (I find it fun. XD IDK why. ) Anyway, here it is.

I also revamped Titaneon to give it a bit more character.

I finished the final evolution of Mentock. It's called Yetice, and it's Ice/Fighting.

And on a miscellaneous note, here is a timeline I made showcasing how much I have (hopefully ) improved.
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