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Reworked the town screenshot a little bit. I think it looks a bit more cleaner.

Also removed the giant trees from route 1:

In addition...

The battle interface is still a work in progress. I need to figure out how I can change the fonts in this kit.

I also have unearthed an old pokedex design and remodeled it:

Originally Posted by Konekodemon
Here's a catchy title. Call it,'Pokemon Rebirth.' That would be a nice title for what your trying to do as it's remaking the game GB style from what I can tell from your title, you have right now.
Thanks for your suggestions, but I'm going to pass on a title like that. For a start, it's not a remake of a specific game, the graphics are simply a choice of style, not to mention I see enough projects that have "Rebirth" in their titles. It's a tad bit redundant.

I'm thinking of calling this "Pokemon PC"... Just because it's a pokemon game playable on a PC system, I dunno
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