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    Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
    I haven't been here a very long time, and I haven't done any real graphics for an ever longer time so excuse me if I'm a little off here :<

    Composition wise this is just about perfect, everything seems to fit exactly where it should be and the flow is maintained nicely. However I am ultimately picky and the things I automatically pick up on are that the obstructions near her left arm are covering a tad too little and seem to be spacing away from the figure. In my opinion I would just bring them a little to the right, or bring the right side a tad to the left to make everything seem more together. The soft lighting also seems to stretch away from the figure a bit and should be closer to the tip of the forehead in my opinion to strengthen that main focal point. If you were to adjust these small compositions then I would also recommend bringing that vignette on the left a bit more to the right as well. In terms of colour, everything seems to match and flow accordingly and there aren't any colours that instantly draw attention away from the figure so that was extremely well done. The depth of field in this image is also superbly done but I think by fixing those points above it would seem that tiny bit more perfect if that is even possible. Cudos though and I am jelly

    I would really appreciate a review on this sig because I'm looking to get into a design/visual communication course in uni and really want to fine tune my skills because I have been absent from graphics for so long (Plus I need to send in a few of my pieces)

    (Whichever one is better )