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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    Current Patch Progress:

    Limiters (100%)
    Names (100%)
    Front Sprites (100%)
    Back Sprites (80% - Missing Shiny Pallets for Unova Pokémon)
    Pokémon Data (100%)
    Pokédex Entries (100%)
    Movesets (4%)
    TM/HM Compatibilities (0%)
    Evolution Data (100%)
    Evolution Types Added (100%)
    Icons (100%)
    Cries (100%)
    Footprints (0%)
    Pokédex Habitat Data (100%)
    New Base Exp System (100%)
    Item Use Coordinates (0%)
    Gen 4/5 Moves (50% - Data/Types etc all in, but they all currently crash the game, need to research the battle scripts)
    Gen 4/5 Moves Animations (0%)
    Formes (90% - All the basic stuff needed is in, but there's no way to actually trigger the formes yet, except for Arceus's formes. This includes type switching formes!)
    Extra TMs (100% - Still breakable, but it's easy enough to change if you wished to do so)
    Music Extension Hack (100% - Not necessarily a major part of the hack, but nice to have. Gives you access to 12 direct tracks instead of 5)
    Item Extension Hack (100% - Gives you an extra 255 (300 extra slots, of which 45 are the new TMs) items to play around with, as well as the free slots in the existing table for a total of 675 items)
    Abilities (40% - Ability names are in, as are the Pokémon they are attached to, but they don't do anything yet)

    Have I missed anything? If I have, let me know!
    WOW!!! I'm completely amazed. This is exactly what I was looking for for my hack! Can't wait to see it finished. If you need any help just let me know!
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