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Sorry about the shortness but you guys know the drill! I just kick it off a little, you guys do the rest. Oh and whoever wants to have been the one Day smacked into, you know what to do.

Episode One: A New World Awaits! Awaken the Bonds!

It was a Monday morning, sunny with a chance of clouds of cotton candy. Okay there were no pink clouds but you get the point. That alone should have tipped X off, despite his obliviousness to anything that didn’t involve his friends, track, or the creature that was currently sleeping on top of him like a badly sprawled blanket. Looking back on it, he seriously should have known better. Mondays were typically low on the good-day spectrum. However, you had to forgive him this once. X, known as Xavier Shay to the idiotic populace, woke up to the smell of bacon and a cheese omelet and a happy person greeting him. He grinned and rolled over, reaching with a tan arm to muss the odd, multicolored haired head.

“Hey sis,” he greeted happily. “Dream anything good?” They weren’t related, thank God. X loved Day, practically doted on the little ball of fluffy energy, but he did not wish to share any type of DNA that made your hair that random. Plus she was a damn pixie. If anybody was related to a mythical creature in this group, it was VI.

Day beamed at him, somehow suppressing the endless energy and light that ran through her body and practically blinded anyone who so much as breathed in her direction. As always she was more than happy, there were no words for what Day was. “I dreamed of the sky again,” she told him, smiling happily and practically twirling in place. “It was such a pretty blue! The clouds were all fluffy too, like teddy bear fluff!” She handed him the plate and spun. “Ivy and I flew everywhere!”

“Did you now?” he asked before scarfing down his food at speeds that were likely not logical. Day watched this with wide eyes and a tilted head. The red-head only stopped his inhaling of food at the sound of a snort. It was trying desperately to sound male but failed impressively.

“Are you even breathing X?” scoffed the girl, tossing her own lavender hair back a little. It was still wet, so it was down and lanky. X thought it made her uglier than normal.

“Alex,” Day cheered, tackling her in a hug. The young woman ,a high school freshman blessed by the charms of puberty, couldn’t stop herself from wincing. You learned to accept affection from Day. She was awfully physical… and oblivious to personal space. And at the end of the day, everyone there appreciated the cheerfulness of Day.

X smiled coldly at the newcomer. “Morning! Did you finally pick a gender?” It would be an understatement to say the two of them hated each other. Alex thought X was a poser and X just thought she was such a fake little tomboy.

“Get bent,” she replied without missing a beat and nudging Day’s head away from her. She was a heck of a lot taller than the girl hugging her, almost as tall as X himself. “And get your orange, argumentative rear end out of the bed. The commander wants you before school.” He hummed coolly. She simmered. “Like now tin can!”

“I take offense to that,” a raspy voice muttered. X snorted as Day stared between them, creasing her slacks under her fingers. She had no clue what was going on.

“You should head off,” Alex told her quietly and Day jumped in surprise. She smiled and nodded.

“Okay! Bye X bye Alex! See you at school!” She ran out excitedly, shouting down the hallways excitedly. She was calling for VI by the sound of it. Alex chuckled before glaring at X. Honestly, she was going to kill him one of these days.


“You wanted to see me Boss?” X drawled at him humorously, red-silver hair dangling over his face. He was not wearing his school uniform of course. He was much too cool for that, truly. Besides, it made his hair look awful. He was currently trying to go for the sarcastic mood, maybe get his commander to do his once in a blue moon laugh.

Naturally, his lame joking did not work on the stoic man. “We’re predicting an Emergence,” came the succinct reply, the man not looking up from the computer.

“There hasn’t been one in half a year,” the male protested, glaring at nothing. “The computer’s just blipped up again, like it always does these days.” There was a soft snicker before a low “eep” as something clanked on the table nearby. There was then a crash and a yelp. X didn’t even turn, knowing their idiot newcomer had broken another glass.

Commander Wilson didn’t glance up either, the burly, fierce military man scowling instead at the high-school junior in front of him. Of course X was too chill to be afraid. “The computer doesn’t “blip”,” the man commented dryly. “VI’s the one who designed it and you know how well she works on these devices.”

X scowled. He did. So… “Fine,” he conceded. “So what’s it looking like?”

“Considering the projected reactions the school has been telling me about,” Wilson mused. “It’s looking like a level two projected violet.”

X scowled. “Seriously? Where’s the bloody emergence point then?”

“Take a guess,” Alex commented dryly, spinning a device around her fingers.

X didn’t have to.



“Erm… are you okay Day?”

VI’s voice startled her from the odd little moans she was making. Her D-Syn kept vibrating on her leg and it felt weird. “Yeah…” she said a minute later. “But he’s all upset for some reason! I dunno why…”

"Maybe something will happen today," she offered softly. SHe didn't want something to, VI was not a fighter after all.

“And just why are you two standing around? You are blocking the hallway, Mr. Shay, Miss. Wisteria.” VI jumped and turned. Day let out a yelp and grabbed Ivy’s hand. A tall, white-haired man stared down at them, glaring with mean eyes.

“Run!” she cried. “It’s mean old Mr Alistar!” She took off running, dragging VI with her. She didn’t really like that old codger. He kept calling her a boy! Day was giggling excitedly though and VI was gasping for breath in hopes of keeping up with her.

Eyes closed, Day didn’t realize she was about to hit someone until she smacked into their chest and fell back, VI almost doing the same. Instead she stopped and paled.

“S-Sorry!” Day was too dazed to say anything.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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