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And my favorite one, Handy Manny:
I have a theory about Handy Many on Disney:

Manny was a decent guy with a wife and some kids who had gotten a job as a handyman in Sheetrock Hills after he and his family moved there. Manny was good at his job, while he didn't make a whole lot of money he was able to save a lot by building most of his house himself and doing all of the upkeep and whatnot for free.

One day while Manny was out working, there was an electrical fire in the house due to bad wiring and the house burned down, killing Manny's wife and children. Manny blamed himself and suffered a psychotic break.

Eventually Manny was released from the mental hospital and went to his workshop to find his toolbox and tools, a gift from his family when he became a handyman and the only memento he had of them. To Manny's surprise, his tools begin speaking to him and moving around the workshop. Manny realizes he doesn't have to be alone anymore because his tools are his friends. Manny forgets he ever had a family, replacing them with his beloved tools.

The other people in the town play along with Manny's madness because he was a decent guy and they feel bad for him, when he starts waving his tools around and speaking in different voices they react to the tools as if they were alive because they don't want to remind Manny of his loss.

This is why Manny is only ever called for very easy jobs like fixing one wooden stair or replacing a bar on a baby crib; the people don't trust Manny to do anything more difficult. It is also why Kelly gives Manny whatever supplies he needs without asking him for any money. Mr. Lowpart pretends to be a bumbling moron, but he actually makes sure Manny has enough to eat and that all of his bills are paid on time, since Manny is too busy playing with his tools to take care of things like this.
Oh my God I love that show I will never watch this show the same. Ever. Again. :(

These are interesting, but I like to keep an innocent mind where it can still be in tact, and I don't wanna ruin my childhood. :< lol /me stops reading these

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