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    Haru sighed as he took his seat for homeroom. He was a half hour early, as he usually was when he decided to go to school that day, so not many people were around the school just yet. That was fine by him; too many people would just annoy him. Usually they would just annoy him with their talking and he'd walk out of the room to find a quieter place to be. That was usually why he was marked tardy so many times. He didn't care. School was boring; just a place to get out of the house. He had other places for that one purpose, too.

    The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out the console that held his virtual pet. Man, did this thing know how to make him feel better. Just as he pulled it out, a message appeared on the screen: "Morning, Haru!! <3" Yes, that heart was even in the message. This had become commonplace after... when was it again? Oh, right, fifty-four percent. Granted he was now in the sixties when it came to percent closeness now, but it was significant because that was around the time the pet started acting against it's normal programming parameters. It was supposed to be interactive, but Haru's pet took a dramatic turn when he got over the half-way mark.

    In fact, a lot of things were funny with this pet. It seemed to really be alive at times. It laughed at his sarcasm, showed signs of sympathy when he told it something depressing, and obviously started wishing him a good morning. There hadn't been a "good morning" in forever, but the boy couldn't find the heart to tell the pet that. Which was within itself funny; it was just a virtual pet. It shouldn't even be taken that seriously if it was just a program. And yet, Haru did take it seriously. Very seriously. It was unclear why, but this pet seemed... different from many of the other pets that were circulated throughout the school. Maybe it was just defective? Either way, the fact that it made him feel better made him want to take care of it more. He really got it to the level he felt close with it. It even got to the point where he was protective of it; the school could always provide him with another one, but this one was special to Haru. It was like a part of him now. If this virtual pet were to get lost to destroyed--

    "A word with you," a stern voice sounded from behind the boy. Haru turned his head slightly to see the school's guidance councilor for the senior class from his peripheral vision. He wanted to ignore her, as he knew she was only going to scold him or something, but he decided that it'd be quicker to get her out of his hair.

    "Yeah?" Haru asked, his scarlet red eyes (he decided to wear that color contacts today; it reflected the anger he was feeling that morning) now staring directly at the woman, "Is there a problem?"

    "I just received word that you're now failing Spanish class, too," the councilor said, fixing her glasses as she glared back, "You told me you were going to try harder, Haru."

    "I'm trying harder," Haru said before yawning. He dragged it out as long as he could. "but no one would help me with the notes. Can't exactly do better when students don't listen to your requests."

    "That isn't the point, Haru! You should have taken those notes when they were presented to you!" the woman critiqued, catching his slight frown, "It's important that you graduate! Don't you want to go on to college?"

    "This is college. I could just go on to my second year of college at a regular one with all that I learned at this school," Haru protested, turning back around to see to his vitrual pet, "Besides, I don't have the cash for it."

    "There are scholarships! And loans! You can't let your past get the better of you!" the woman said angrily, forcing the boy to turn and look at her, "You're going to be eighteen, get over yourself!" Haru frowned as he looked away from the councilor. This was the attitude that really got him fired up.

    "... The past influences the person you are today. And that person influences the person you will be tomorrow," Haru murmured, casually throwing the woman's arms of his shoulders, "Maybe if your uppity school got their acts straight and actually worked to fix mine, I'd care a little bit more. But no; they deemed I wasn't important enough. The fact that I even came to school today is proof that I wanted to put the effort in. But now we'll see if I make it through to the end of the day in school." With that, he turned back around as he grabbed his virtual pet once more. She seemed to want to slap him, but something about his attitude made her stop. She knew his case well; they did turn him down for evaluation when he openly signed up for it.

    "I don't know what to do with you sometimes, Haru," the woman said, hoping for a final response. She turned away and walked out of the room (leaving Haru completely alone in the room when she did) once she did get it.

    "Talk with my father and join the conspiracy; I heard he was wondering where a good place would be to leave my corpse. He'd love your help more than I do."

    Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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