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    Katharina von Kurnase
    D A Y one

    The halls of the academy were brimming with light shined off the bright morning sun as the students of the school started to walk in, doing their daily activities. The students passed each other through those halls, some were nice, some were down right pushy. Meanwhile, the science lab not too far from the school's enterence was indeed busy. The students who were working there were busy conducting a lab experiment dealing with non-toxic materials, such as yeast, fruit juice, and butter; it was a protein experiment.

    As well as you could see students performing experiments, you can also see a girl with her trademark lab-coat outfit on as she too, calmly performed her science work. the girl swiftly moved her long, brown hair out of her face, and tied it to a pony tail as she didn't want renements of her hair falling down one of her test tubes, and contaminating the experiment. She also took a lot of notes down on her small notebook, with her fluffy-top pen. She suddenly put on her pen, and looked up on the celing, completating about her own life, and the mysterious she as yet to discovered. She let loose a long sigh as she went back to work. A student right beside her heard her sighed, and concerened, he turned to her.

    "Uh...hey Kathy?" the sudent tried to conversize, however, Kathy did not turned back to him; she had her eyes glued on her lab work. The student gave her a awkward face realizing that Kathy wasn't exactly as chiper as she was when it comes to science. "Is...everything okay with you? I haven't heard a peep out of you all morning yet."

    "...What is z'ere to talk about?" Kathy asked rhetorically, still focusing on her work. However, that just gotten her in the mood to create a topic of discussion. "You know what, let me ask you something, Herr student; do you like science?"

    "O-of course I do!" the student replied with gusto; while it was true, there was no reason to perform anythingw ithout a clear sense of passion. "Why, the very foundations of life are found within science! Why, even so, we can discover all that is not bound to reality! To the depths of the universe itself--"

    "Impossible," Kathy interuppted, as she finally turned her full attention to wards the student. She peered at him with her pale blue eyes as the student wondered what was wrong, and what was this 'impossiblity' that Kathy spoke of. "Z'ere is no such thing as a fantasy. Z'ere is only reality."

    "Nothing is impossible, Kathy!" the student pointed out. "You should know that! Hey, what's gotten into you, lately?"

    "Herr student, I am a lady of science," Kathy explained, now seemingly more uninterested in the ongoing conversation. She then took out a small device from out of her lab coat pocket. It was her virtual pet device; the one that the academy introduced not so long ago. "I believe in only science. Why do you think I agreed to caring for you say...virtual program? So that one day, I can take it apart, and learn the dephs of its meaning. For you see Herr student, science has infinite possibilites. however, I now realize that those possibilites can not be proven if it is proven untrue by our senses."

    "Our...senses?" the student wondered, listening to Kathy's logic. "How do you mean? Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell?"

    "No. I mean the ability to recongize bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and the stupid Homer Simpson; of COURSE those senses!" Kathy said, rolling her eyes. "I'm afraid that science is bound to only those five senses of ours. Its a pity really; energy can not be created, nor destroyed. So...where has my energy as a von Kurnaze gone? Z'at is wht I am come here to do! Z'at is why I am here in this school! For the love of all things that are bound to the barriers of science! For the love of Count E. Chocola, AND IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE, I SHALL FIND THOSE ANSWERS! I SHALL FIND OUT FOR THE WORLD: WHY DOES TOAST WITH BUTTER LAND FACE-SIDE UP WHEN IT IS DROPPED? I SHALL FIND OUT: WHY AM I ONLY LEFT WITH THE CRUST OF THE PIZZA OF DESPAIR? AND WHYYYYYY DO PEOPLE THINK 2 PLUS 2 EQUAL TO 4? WHY NOT 5? ISN'T THAT A POSSIBILITY?!"

    "Well, not technically, I mean--"

    "Z'AT'S NOT IMPORTANT!" Kathy interruppted, as she then gathered her things. "Excuse me, Herr-waht's-your-name; seriously, you should introduce yourself before talking to someone. I shall return with those answeres! Until then! Keep on sciencing!!!"

    Kathy then bolted off the front door, leaving the students inside behind, as they took a couple of seconds to get used to Kathy's wild behavior, and then they gotten back to work. Katharina was then found dashing through the halls of the academy.

    What was she up to? You might regret to ask.


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