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Hey CJ, sorry for not testing this for you. I do, however, come bearing a bug report:

- In the player's room, a tile is missing from the top of the TV.
- I find it a bit odd to be given a Super Potion at the very start of the game, but okay.
- The wall in the player's room seems pointless.
- If your Mum is worried about Dad, and she thinks he's been gone for too long, how can she be sure he's where he is, and why would she tell him goodbye? Surely she'd want to say "come home" or something?
- A pet Torkoal is a bit weird...but epic overworld, like Fireworks said.
- It is refreshing to see new overworlds (for the player, Chloe, etc.), so kudos there.
- Indigo Town's path's palette clashes with the grass (which looked better as it was, imo).
- Incidentally, I think that Indigo Town could be a lot smaller and still be better. There are some parts with nothing to see and just empty space, really.
- In the Terens "Dont go past" script, in the Aide in the bottom right corner of the lab's script, and in the talk-to-PROF. ROY-script, it's sometimes written as PROF.ROY/PROF.ALASTOR, without a space, and sometimes says PROF. ALASTOR/PROF. ROY, with a space.
- In the talk-to-PROF. ROY-for-the-first-time-script, the line "Something must have happened on that place" should say "Something must have happened there" or "at that place".
- Nice reference (I assume it was intentional) to the LoZ line "It's dangerous to go alone". :D
- Books should be impassable, otherwise it makes the player exceptionally rude. ;)
- The man talking about shady characters seems to have two pieces of unrelated dialogue strung together for no reason...
- RIVAL's house's door has a tile error above it's door.
- RIVAL's Mum's dialogue doesn't need the "though" word at the end.
- RIVAL, RIVAL's Mum and RIVAL's DAD all sleep in one bed? o.O There's only one bed, and no upstairs...
- INDIGO TOWN's signpost really makes no sense. It's just some random words slapped together.
- Incidentally, indigo is a blue colour, not purple, which seems to be the theme of the town.
-Saying odd man for Ignus is really kinda cheap. :/ Also, he has some crazy hair (how much gel does he use?!).
- Why would Ignus want to give away Pokéballs? It almost seems like they're a burden to him...which is odd, considering he's a seemingly eager trainer.
- He seems to say "..." a lot...
- Wait...where did Oak come from in this battle?
- What's with all the formal, uptight (and even medieval) dialogue? Try to slip in some more abbreviations (I'll instead of I will) and who even says "I fare thee well" anymore?
- The first trainer tips signpost needs the dash thing (é) in the word "Pokémon".
- Why is that Brendan-looking dude running to and fro for no apparent reason?
- The salesman says "with a branch mart in". That's incorrect, it should be "we have a branch in".
- Red rocks?
- Just like Indigo Town, it seems Bandreach City has a similarly non-sensical signpost.
- Bosbo needs to have an opening speech mark (["] in XSE) in his complaint.
- All the houses in Bandreach, like Rival's house in Indigo Town, need the correct tile above their doors.
- What's with the purple PCs?
- Considering Alex has just built the PC, shouldn't it say Alex's PC upon loading?
- Bosbo's house has walkable tiles which should be impassable (below the exit).
- The forth Sigma grunt says "I just saw one of us run like nuts past me." It should read: "I just saw another Team Sigma member run past me." The "like nuts" part doesn't fit in this context.
- I recommend including a dirt path (the brown one) in the Excavation Site.
- Definately is a misspelling. It should be definitely.
- Why does the music suddenly stop when Thexes arrives?
- When we arrive home, I think a level script should occur in order for you to receive the Running Shoes.
- The classifications like "Tiny Turtle" should be capitalised and be preceded by the word "the".
- Why does Terens face down to talk to me?

I've stopped playing up to this point. Most of the things I've reported are just nitpicks, so good job so far.

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