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    Wesley James Stevens
    Day One:

    "Just shoot for the stars. If it feels right, then aim for my heart. If you feel like, and take me away, make it okay. I swear I'll behave."

    "You wanted control, so we waited. I put on a show. Now I make it. You say I'm a kid. My ego is big. I don't give a-"

    The song stopped blaring from the iTouch connected to some speakers when a hand landed, briefly pressing fast forward for a second and then pausing the song. With sunlight streaming on his face, a black-haired young man woke up with a loud yawn and an oh-so-good stretch. Smacking his lips a little, he turned to his virtual pet, which was beeping. However, the beeping was in time with the song that had been playing from the speakers.

    "Huh... Didn't know you were a fan of Maroon 5," said Wes, a hint of a southern accent being heard by just him. He had already gotten use to the random beeping that came from the strange device. Honestly, technology these days. Wes then grabbed the virtual pet and pressed the feed command. Instantly, the little thing stopped beeping and began eating. While it was eating, Wes got ready, putting his uniform on and making sure his short curly hair looked just right.

    "It's gonna be a good day today my little digital friend," said Wes happily as he picked up his virtual pet and iTouch, grabbing some earbuds as he plugged them to the iTouch and pressed play, the song coming back on. He turned down the volume a little as the Virtual Pet beeped a few times. Looking at it, Wes rocked his head to the music as he read the message.

    "I agree. " was what was on the screen briefly. The pet then came back on the screen, looking happy as Wes pressed the play feature.

    "I swear, sometimes I think you're real."

    Walking out of his dorm, Wes immediately began heading to homeroom. At sixteen, he was a junior at this school, and a well-known one. Not many knew his name, but everyone recognized him as that one cool dude who would help any person that needed it. While walking, he made sure to notice the sunlight streaming through the windows. Now normally, he wouldn't care for school in the morning, but today was different. He was excited, but for what he couldn't figure out. Deciding to try and figure it out later, he became lost in the music, paying no attention to anything at all.

    "Maybe it's hard, when you feel like you're broken and scarred. Nothing feels right, but when you're with me, I make you believe. That I've got the key."

    "So get in the car. We can ride it wherever you want. Get inside it. And you want to steer, but I'm shifting gears. I'll take it from here. And it goes like-"

    "Maybe I shouldn't space out in the hallway," said Wes, now on the ground. He had bumped into someone, and evidently rather hard as he rubbed his back while getting up.

    "Sorry 'bout that... I really should- Oh hey Kathy!" said Wes, recongnizing his German friend in the white lab coat. They shared a few classes together, mainly the science classes, where both would occasionally partner up from time to time. When he first met her, Wes had thought she was odd, but he quickly got over that when he saw her natural curiosity and eccentricness.

    "Need a hand there Kathy?" asked Wes as he bent down to the ground, trying to help his friend with her stuff.
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