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"What are my skills? That's….that's…..that's a good question,"Cody said scratching his head. He sat on his bale of hay, cross legged, with a thumb is in his mouth as he attempted to think. The reality of the matter was that he never really thought about his skill set. That is usually a tradition reserved for resumes and seeing how Cody never held a steady job, he never completed one. The fact of the matter was Cody…well…Cody was a bum. He hung around with gangs for years, tumbling through his day to day matters without a care. He spent a fair amount of time on various hobbies, developing skills he was interested in mastering as well as anything useful in surviving in the New York City criminal underworld. As such, listing his skills was a good question, because there was quite a bit he could. Mostly useless things, but it was a start.

"Well, let' see. I can kill people pretty well. Oops, did I say that aloud?" Cody covered his mouth before laughing. "Ah, I am joking. Just joking. I guess that could count as a skill. But anyway, I am decent fighter. I can virtually escape any sort of imprisonment, like handcuffs. Stealth and pickpocketing were big hobbies of mine. I can juggle pretty well. I even juggled knives before and threw them at my bodies, narrowly missing their faces. Haha, you should have seen the looks on their faces. Priceless!" Cody broke into slight laughter at the memory of his friend Todd with a large switchblade barely missing his left check when Cody tossed the blade at him with his eyes closed.

Cody went back to thinking about his nonviolent skills. There weren't too many he could think offhand, but he made a conscious effort. After much deliberation with his inner voice, Cody snapped his fingers in victory. "I can play the violin and guitar. I stole both instruments from some rich snobby kid when I was 13 and taught myself using Youtube as my teacher. Fun stuff. And I am a fair public speaker. I aced most of those classes. I fail at math though. I could do like basic addition and subtraction problems, but anything more complicated than that makes my thinker box hurt. Oh, I love telling stories. It is one of my favorite pastimes. Nothing's better than a good story." Cody took a slight pause to recollect his thoughts and think of an apt summary of the rather random train of thought that started running. My best friend said I should run a circus since I can do a little bit of everything. A Renaissance man is what he called me. So I can usually pick up new tricks pretty easily, once I get the hang of it." Cody reflected on what he listed. None of them seemed all that useful for the task at hand. Unless they were going to put on a circus show for the crowd. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time he made a poor assumption today. Instead, he wanted to be forward thinking like he normally was.

"I am not sure how this works, but maybe we could put some sort of show. What skills do you have?" Cody asked playing with a piece of hay innocently. He could make a stab she was pretty adept with magic and perhaps a solid grasp on how to plan things. In that regard, she was his polar opposite. If she was his opposite, he made him more confident. He had a silver of an idea how to make her the winner.

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