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    VI, or Ivy Wisteria( god that name was terrible, it attracted so much attention), trembled at the glare she had gotten instead of Day. This was a terrible start to the day, especially with the commander's warning toward them that morning. Ivy really wondered why she was required to protect people that disdainful. Day was helped up by another male, who looked to be a senior. Ivy blinked. Even to her, he seemed a bit of a dork.

    "Yep," Day said slowly, dazedly, replying to Sammy. Then she shook her head and beamed. "I am okay! Thanks! Ivy is okay too right?" she asked, looking at her friend worriedly.

    Ivy jumped and nodded. "I'm okay," she whispered, looking where that surly boy was leaving.

    Something registered in Day's mind at her tone and expression. Her eyes traveled toward the exiting male and narrowed. "Hey!" she shouted, tricolored hair nearly obscuring her vision. Thankfully she had no skirt to swish because by now it'd be flying due to her aura deciding to explode. "You come back here you big jerk! Apologize to Ivy right now!" She was furious. It had been her fault, not Ivy's. You didn't have to glare at her.

    "Day, what's with the shouting?" X had strolled in at this, looking confused. His red-silver spikes were drooping all over the place, having been in the shower before he left.

    "Xavier," she cried, instantly forgetting her anger and hugging him. He let out an "oof" of breath.

    "Jeez Andrea," he quipped with a grin. "You just saw me!"

    "But I missed you, she replied cheerily. X snorted and grinned at Sammy. He knew this kid by sight from class but since Xavier was a bit too lazy to interact he never talked to him.

    "Sorry, my sister's weird," he said with an eye roll. So said he with odd dyed hair. He hated this coverup. They didn't look alike at all. "This is Day and that's Ivy."

    "Hi!" Day cried at Sammy happily as Ivy nodded shyly.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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