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Akira Hinata

Ironically, the person playing him loves math.

Math. The abstract science of number, quantity, and space. Many jobs revolved around being able to understand the most basic concepts of math. Some took more complex formulae under their wing. Then there was the life of a shrine maiden or guardian. All one really had to do was deal with counting how much he or she spent or gained. That kind of math was taught in elementary school, and it was reason enough for why Akira Hinata was now lying under a tree, device in hand. He was talking with the virtual pet he had received.

"Math is a very important subject; you may not see a need to learn it for what you claim to be 'destined' for, but even counting cash can be made simple if you learn the more complex formulae. And besides, you don't want to repeat a grade, do you?"

Akira sighed. Class hadn't even started five minutes ago and already his pet was getting on his case.

"Why bother learning something so complex when there's already a less complicated way? And even if the simpler way is longer, one should live slowly and enjoy the time they have. People are too speedy nowadays." Akira shook his hand back and forth as if to emphasize how much he didn't care. The pet seemed to grow angry.

"Knowledge is only gained through education and experience, particularly the former. Imagine what would happen if your children came to you asking for help with math you didn't learn. How would you feel knowing that your children knew more than you did? You'd be humiliated, I'm sure--" At that point Akira had crammed the pet back into his bag and took out his prized fan.

"If there's anything I miss about the mountain, it's how cool it is no matter what season we're in," he muttered, swaying the fan back and forth to catch what cool air was left.

Time passed quickly, and before Akira knew it it was time for his next class. In his case, it was biology. At least that didn't have a lot of math in it. Not only that, but the results of the experiments Akira performed during class always left him inquisitive and wondering how the scientific world really worked. After all, he had grown up in an environment where science was looked down upon and the "supernatural" praised. Of course, in the current world he was living in, the two were reversed. Science was well-received while the paranormal mocked. Akira was biased toward anything "spiritual" and was thus revolted by how most people felt. Even the pet he owned seemed to believe more in science than the supernatural.

"Many scientific discoveries can be proven with hard evidence. Most supernatural phenomena cannot. It is likely whatever 'paranormal activity' one experiences is just in their mind." the pet had said to Akira when asked how she felt about spirits. She had even believed that Akira's "profession" was worthless in today's society. This pet really was an intellectual of the world around him.

An intellectual virtual pet.

At first, the creature had started off with simple commands, such as "Feed me!" or "I went potty..." But over time the thing seemed to...develop. It gained real feelings, a gender, real world knowledge... It seemed like she was no different that a human, with the exception of two things: Physical appearance and species and personal names. Akira had been fairly lax about giving her a name, and he certainly didn't want to insult her. After all, despite how they disagreed on practically everything, she was still Akira's only friend. Even though Akira tried to attend every party that someone like him was allowed to attend, he never made any friends. Just acquaintances. Of course, Akira kept quiet that this pet was his only friend, even though he didn't particularly care about what others thought of him.

Most of the class was spent daydreaming. There was no experiment today, only a lecture and a PowerPoint. Akira wondered how the concept of technology was so interesting yet something like a slideshow was so boring. It made absolutely no sense.

Next was English. Or, in Akira's case, another "free" period. In addition to math, Akira didn't care for reading. He didn't like having to think a lot. Which caused problems every now and then. But that was part of who Akira was, and he had no plans on changing this aspect.

As he approached the tree, Akira took the virtual pet back out. She still seemed a little angry about earlier.

"About TIME. Don't tell me you're skipping another class." Akira ignored her.

"Hey, do you have a name I can call you by?" he asked. Though he couldn't tell, he had a feeling the creature was looking at him with curiosity.

"I don't. Why?"

Akira shrugged. "It feels kind of weird not being able to call you by something. You can call me 'Akira', but what can I call you?"

A pause. "I've never thought about giving myself a name. I am even currently unaware of what species I am. It's a bit shameful, if I do say so myself."

"Then, how about I give you a personal name? We can decide on your 'species' later."

"That would be nice, Akira. What do you propose?"

Akira thought for a moment. "How about Akemi? That way both our names mean 'bright'."

"'Akemi' sounds fine. I will take you up on your suggestion."

"Akemi it is, then! I hope you like it, 'cause the only way I'll stop calling you by that is if you come to like your species name more!"

"That will be fine..." It was like talking with a real human. Only so much more interesting. Akira wondered what his pet--what Akemi--would sound like if she were real and right next to him. But something virtual like her, becoming real? That could never happen, right?
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