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Day 1

A sandy-brown haired teen, known as Hiroshi, had previously been introduced to the rest of the students in Hallbrook Academy. Hiroshi had been listening in on Wes and Sammy’s not-so-quiet conversation and snickering, when he heard Haru mutter to himself, so he glanced over. The boy was playing with his virtual pet and had a frown on his face. Hiroshi recognized it as the disappointed expression that came from the pet’s refusal to eat the food given to it. He hastily stole a peek at the clock on the wall; it read 8:49 AM, which meant the first class wasn’t due to start for another ten minutes roughly.

Satisfied with the amount of time he had, he swiftly stared at his own virtual pet, knowing his bond with it was at eighty-three percent. But what he didn’t know was that a glitch would occur in the systems of his and Haru’s pets that would bring them down to thirty-nine percent. “My bond is higher than yours,” he hissed casually in Haru’s direction. The other boy cautiously glanced at him, seeing and recognizing Hiroshi as the one who wrote the note. Hiroshi was prepared to say more, but then two things happened simultaneously.

The English teacher’s footsteps were heard in the hallway and the sound of beeping rippled through the classroom. One of the other students hissed for whoever it was to turn the sound off on the virtual pet, but then Haru moaned quietly. “Thirty-nine percent…”

Hiroshi quickly glanced at his again and muffled a “****! Not mine, too.”
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