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Sammy Bridgevale
Episode One: A New World Awaits! Awaken the Bonds!

"Hi Day! Hi Ivy! Hi Xavier! Your sister's not weird," Sammy said with a laugh. True, this girl, Day, as she had been introduced as, had her quirks but weird meant that drooled down her shirt and had spiders coming out of her hair. Or... something. But yeah, Sammy knew this guy from his classes. Though he couldn't recall which one (maybe History? Maths?), his name was pretty cool, so Sammy remembered it. Plus, this Day girl had just said it. So that made it doubly easy to remember. "This is Rylie!"

"Hi," she said with a nod. "I think you're in my Science class, Xavier. And English too, with Sammy as well, I think."

"Awesome. Small school, yeah?" Sammy nodded with Rylie. He wasn't sure what else to talk about. There was the weather, but that was kind of lame. Maybe some kind of sports? Politics? Then, as if the little guy could hear what Sammy was thinking, beeped restlessly in his pocket. Thanks, little dude. You always know what to do.

"Hah, the little guy needs some love," Sammy pulled out his virtual pet and checked the stats. Dang, he was hungry and his fun was down too. Sammy quickly changed that. "He's so cool, don't you think?" Rylie shook her head in disappointment, as if Sammy was some little kid who thought that this was like a real dog or baby or something.
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