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    Xavier grinned. "That's cause you don't live with her," he told Sammy proudly, letting his sister down. He leaned over to see Sammy's pet. "It's such an awesome project dude," he said cheerily. "I love this sort of thing. Real animals wouldn't survive our house. There's too much stuff in it and I'm not allowed to go on ebay."

    Ivy suddenly let out a soft cry. "Day we need to go." She frowned and then grinned.

    "Okay Ivy! Bye everybody!" She sped down the hall gleefully. Xavier sighed as Ivy tried to hurry after her. Skirts made running humiliating and difficult.

    "And people wonder why I claim the stork got the wrong bundle of hyper," he muttered before smiling at Rylie and Sammy. "We should get goin'. The teacher will be ticked if we're late." He felt a soft vibration in his pant pocket and frowned, saying nothing about it.

    Meanwhile Day was running the shortcut. It was time for band class! And that meant one thing... stabbing somebody with her flute! Well, actually it meant something else, but her fellows agreed that was the most entertaining part of the class. There was someone just ahead of her, shuffling quickly. DAy was curious. Who was that? Time to find out.

    Day sped up and leapt into the air, tackling the mystery person into the nearby classroom. "HI!"
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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