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    Lucy slipped down another hallway. He was not having an easy time of it at all. He looked up at the number of the next room. 221. Great. He was on the wrong side of the building. He began walking again. He heard someone running down the hall and sped his steps up. He really didn't want to have to talk with anyone. This was the worng move, as whoever was behind him sped up after him. A scant second later, and Lucy was wondering why he couldn't hear this person running him down anymore. Less than a second after that thought had formed Lucy was tackled into from behind. His glasses went flying off and his books went flying everywhere. He hit the ground, hard, and his digital pet went boucning on the floor.

    "Oof! Ow..." Lucy groaned. He blinked and tried to look up at the person that was now on his back. Crushing the life out of him too. And his long hair was trapped painfully under this person. But without his glasses, everything was a blur. A headache inducing blur. Lucy could hear his digital pet buzzing and beeping furiously at him. She really did not like getting tossed about like that. Hm... When had Lucy begun thinking of that thing as a she? Didn't matter. All that mattered was getting this very heavy person off of his back.

    "Ugh... My back... You're breaking it!" Lucy managed to gasp out. He felt around for his glasses, but they weren't in reach.
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