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Kenna sat on her bed and stared at the two of them. They were just arguing away like normal, actually, scratch that. Josh was doing most of the arguing. They both turned their attention to her and Kenna sighed.

"Alright then what’s your choice?!" Emil and Josh asked Kenna.

She looked at both of them with wide eyes but did not say a word. She didn’t know what to say. Having Emil around would not be so bad. Josh would cause a war over it though. This was going to be a hard choice. She could not turn Emil down after all he had done for her.

As much as it sickened Kenna to admit it, she was actually really scared of Josh. She was scared to even talk to him and she wanted to stay away from him for a while. Well, he had just nearly killed her, so who would not be scared of him? Having Emil here would make things a lot safer for her, but she would never get a moments peace with these two.

Kenna quickly took a look at the photo on her bedside table and that made her smile. She turned back to the two lads. They both looked annoyed and irritated. Kenna opened her mouth but closed it again. She wanted Emil to stay but she was scared of what Josh would think or do.

She looked at Emil and pleaded him to save from this. His face softened but he still looked like he wanted an answer. Kenna sighed and stood up. She walked passed Emil, carefully staying as far away from Josh as she could. She grabbed the door handle and opened it.

“I am going to find beds for both of you.” Kenna said as she slammed the door behind her.
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