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    Well, this game was a hit when I started it on serebii. So maybe it will do good here too.

    1:All PC and Other trivia rules apply.
    2:No cursing or inapropriate links, words, or refrences.
    3:If you don't agree with somebody, please give a reason.
    4:Be polite and respective of what other people think.
    6:Have fun!

    In this game you think of something about pokemon that you think is weird. Then the next user to post rates what you think is weird on a weird scale of 1-10 and then posts what he or she thinks is werid.

    For example:
    (First poster)I think it's werid that ash is still ten years old.
    (2nd poster)Yeah, shouldn't he be like 13-15 by now??? 10/10
    I think it's weird that the preschoolers in B/W get pokemon before they are ten years old.
    (3rd poster)Maybe they stole them!!! DUN DUN DUN!!! 10/10
    I think it's werid that Rhydon can learn surf.
    (4th poster)I guess so. 8/10
    I think it's werid that Aggron has a hole in the back of his head.
    (5th poster)He does? That is kinda weird. Maybe aliens stole his brain! 8/10
    I think it's werid that Trubbish makes a farting noise when sent out in the B/W video game.

    And it keeps going on like that.

    By the way, most people on serebii started using "ITIWT" instead of "I think it's weird that". Have fun!!! :D
    I'll start: ITIWT Hydreigon has three heads, but only one brain even though Zweilous has two before it evolves...
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