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    Josh winced as Kenna slammed the door behind her. Emil simply sighed.

    "Is this really what you wanted you stupid slave?" He asked.

    "I know that you of all people would never want to hurt Kenna... so I understand you did what you did for her sake. But aren#t you doing exactly what you said was selfish? You're sacrificing her feelings for the sake of not feeling the pain of loss and now she's afraid of you..." Emil finished.

    Josh said nothing for a moment.

    "I never said.... I never said I wasn't a selfish person... I know what Im doing is wrong... but... I just can't lose her... can't you think of what it would feel like... if you killed her, if you killed Kenna?" Josh asked.

    "The moment my sword was brought down across her I snapped out of it, I realised then that I may have just killed her, I didn't feel any loss in my soul so I knew I hadn't but with the uncontrolability of my power... I just can't... So I continued, I let my anger out and blamed her so she would stay away from me... I'm being selfish, but I never said I wasn't a selfish person to begin with." Josh finished.

    "Liar." Emil said.

    Josh turned to him with a look of confusion.

    "You said you weren't like us selfish nobles, you said you were different, so say you never said you were one." Emil stated.

    Josh looked at his ruins toughtfully. Then winced tears in his eyes.

    "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!" He cried.

    Emil took a step back as Josh roared out, however the man in the black trench coat simply fell to his knees.

    "What would you do... if you were me? I know you feel for her too, so if you were such a danger to her, what would you do?! You'd do the same thing! You'd want to protect her no matter what! Even if that means I have to lose her! Don't you see, either way I lose her... Out of all my options this is the least selfish... this way she won't die..." Josh sobbed.

    Emil watched Josh break down in front of him. He no longer seemed like a pathetic slave, a terrifying monster, or even an enemy. He just wanted to protect Kenna, he would do anything to protect Kenna.

    Emil knelt down and put his hand on Joshs shoulder.

    "You remind me of my best friend Josh... he was a man of great virtue and morals, he also wanted nothing morthan to protect Kenna. His name was Tristan, he was Kennas brother." Emil sighed.

    " called me Josh, not a slave or a brute or anything." Josh muttered.

    "Its obvious now that you dont deserve any of those titles. Im sorry." Emil said.

    "Wow... I never expected anything like that from you Emil." Josh said.

    Emil stood up.

    "You need to talk to Kenna, explain to her why you did what you did and why you need to stay away from her, she deserves that." Emil muttered.

    "You're... you're right..." Josh said.

    Emil rushed out the door and caught up to Kenna.

    "Kenna... you need to talk to Josh." He said grabbing her arm.
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